Distribute your product catalogue on Amazon Marketplace (2/2)


Following our previous article on the different services proposed by Amazon, this second and final article in the series explores how retailers can increase visibility and sales on Amazon Marketplace.

By using Amazon’s marketplace, emerchants are able to advertise their products to the millions of visitors using the platform. Simply listing your products on the marketplace is not enough to create to sales, so here are some tools and tips to increase visibility and performance on the marketplace.

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Winning the Buy Box

The Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. When emerchants are selling the same item they can compete for the Buy Box placement by offering the best possible shopping experience. There is no charge for featuring in the Buy Box and winning it is an ongoing process. How long and how often long you feature in the Buy Box is dependent on a number of performance based requirements. Among the most important of these requirements are:

  • Featured merchant status: To be eligible for the buy box, merchants must obtain featured merchant status, thus demonstrating their trustworthiness as a retailer
  • Fulfilment method: Amazon favours sellers using FBA for the Buy Box position
  • Shipping time: Quick delivery is required
  • Price: Pricing must be competitive

Winning the Buy Box is a great advantage for sellers on Amazon and strongly linked to higher conversion rates.

Appearing in Amazon’s search results

When diffusing your product catalogue on Amazon’s marketplace it is important to appear in the search results linked to your products.

One of the most effective ways of doing this by using relevant keywords in your product listings. When you publish your offers on Amazon, your product pages must meet the requirements of Amazon’s marketplace. Your titles should concisely describe your products (brand, sub- brand, model, size …) using keywords, which are relevant to your offers. Product descriptions should be accurate, relevant and detailed so that potentials buyers are as informed as possible. Consider using bullet points to make the content more user friendly.

Pick the right categories

Make sure you classify your products in the right category/ categories. Failure to do this will lead to reduced visibility and ultimately a lower conversion rate.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Despite being neglected by some merchants, product images are nevertheless an essential ecommerce conversion lever. Images allow shoppers to view the product and to plan for its use. The more attractive the visuals, the higher your likelihood of converting. Images on Amazon should ideally be 500 x 500 pixels and the product should take up 80% of the image.

Be aware that you visibility on search result pages is also affected by availability, account price and sales history.

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