FeedBanner : generate your banner ads thanks to your product catalogue !


FeedBanner: a simple tool to generate banner ads

FeedBanner allows you to create banner ads automatically thanks to your product catalogue.

You can create a product banner quickly and easily directly from one of your Lengow feeds. You can create thematic banners around a category of products in just few clicks. For example, offer your affiliates banners based on headphones!

Choose a product or a category and automatically generate a banner available in several standard sizes (skyscraper, square, simple banner, etc.).

The product information will automatically be displayed on the banner!

You can then modify the design of your banner in order to customize it to the colours of your online store.

The only thing left to do is to copy the HTML code of your banner in order to enter it in your favourite Adserver, such as OpenX or Affiz.

This new functionality is now available within the Lengow solution and is completely free for our e-tailers!

Mickael Froger

CEO @ lengow

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