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Learn all about Google Shopping’s 2015 developments and start preparing for next year. Explore our updated Google Shopping White Paper, which first came out last year. Discover all of Google Shopping’s latest features to make sure your business stays ahead.

Attributes Enhancements

Your Google Shopping products feed must contain at least 11 mandatory basic attributes, which are common to all of your product types. Google decided to enhance the attributes in order to facilitate the process of sending your product feed information and to optimise the shopping experience of your customers when they are looking for products. For this, the search engine updated elements relating to Google Shopping feed specifications and Google’s product classification system.

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Optimising your Feeds with Custom Labels

If you want to improve the performance of your shopping campaigns, Custom Labels is your best bet. These personalised labels allow you to segment your product catalogue and adjust your bids accordingly. This is your opportunity to optimise your campaigns to get better results, increase your sales and make you stand out from the competition.

Google Shopping Product Inventory Update Feed

This new Google Shopping feed allows you to regularly modify the values ​​related to the varying factors in your inventory: price, availability, sale price, sales period dates. This feed allows you to quickly update your data, to help you provide your customers with an updated product catalogue.

Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)

The Remarketing List for Search Ads aims to coordinate your AdWords remarketing lists with your traditional search engine campaigns. With RLSA, you can target web users by offering them ads based on products they have already viewed on your online store and your ads will make these products visible within Google.

Automatic Ad Extensions

If you would like to add extra information to your shopping ads, ad extensions can be added automatically from data already indicated in your feed. Ad extensions will improve the performance of your ads and also influence their position in Google. There are currently two options available: Callout Extensions and Snippet Extensions.

Local Inventory Ads

Store product ads allow advertisers to display their entire product catalogue on the search engine, including items sold in physical stores. This is an opportunity for advertisers, who have both online and physical stores, to cope with Web-to-Store, a trend which is being increasingly adopted by consumers.

How to distribute your products on Google Shopping with Lengow?

If you would like to distribute your Google Shopping product catalogue with Lengow, there are two types of product feeds available:

  • Distribute products via “product”, “inventory” and “local” feeds by saving your feeds directly into the Merchant Center.
  • Distribute products via Google Shopping’s Products API integrated into Lengow with the possibility to correct errors encountered after a transfer of products to Google with the artificial intelligence.

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