INSIGHTS: from inspiration to decision


For several months now, our team has been working on writing the new chapter for Lengow: INSIGHTS. The idea behind it all? At Lengow, we want to be a source of inspiration, enabling brands, distributors and agencies to make key business decisions. In 2020, the challenge is no longer simply making your products visible, but making them visible in a centralized, intelligent and automated way.

Centralize your data

Today, many companies find themselves paralyzed by information systems that are often separate and non-synchronizable, yet hold key data for their business. It is often the case that one department holds information on discounted prices, another has real-time inventory data, or that the information held by a store is not communicated outside its walls, etc.

In order to compile all this data to offer your customers a global vision of your offer, we have built over the years an ecosystem of partners with whom we work on a daily basis and whom you may have already had the opportunity to meet at our events.

Thanks to this rich ecosystem and all our team’s work, it’s now possible for you to synchronize your various tools and obtain quality product data within our platform. By centralizing all the necessary information for the success of your activity, Lengow becomes a key intermediary in your database management, a collector of sources and a provider of information for your marketing and sales actions.


Once collected on our platform, it’s up to you to bring the data to life and structure it so that it corresponds with the requirements of the channels on which you wish to sell your products. To help you in this process, we provide tools such as Segments or Optimizations, allowing you to obtain ‘ready-to-use’ data. This data is related to your products and your marketplace orders. When transactions are made on your site, the data is also integrated into the platform via Google Analytics.

Intelligence for your success

More than a data management platform, Lengow helps you to succeed in your daily business through intelligent recommendations. We make your metrics talk by indicating progress and areas for improvement in your business, follow indications that prove you are mature for a new market, a new country or conversely that a sales channel is no longer profitable for your business.

Let’s say you’re an international player. You follow your statistics closely and see that your products are selling very well in Nordic countries, but they see little success in Southern Europe. Based on this observation, you can stop sending your products to Spanish and Italian marketplaces to reduce your translation costs.

From a macro point of view (market trends, competitors’ activity, etc.) to a more micro view (product performance, catalogue optimizations), you will understand and exploit data to create value.

Automation: quick and easy actions

In psychology, an insight is the impromptu discovery of the solution to a problem without resorting to a series of progressive tests and errors. This is what we have in mind when we offer INSIGHTS: to feed you with tangible recommendations and projections based on actual data, which you can quickly and easily apply to the distribution of your products through Lengow’s partner sales channels.

For example, we work on automating your marketplace activity with distribution reports. These reports are sent to you after each catalogue dispatch and indicate the errors reported and therefore the products that haven’t been published. You will soon be able to act directly on errors thanks to our automatic suggestions for corrections, in particular on the following elements: categorization, adding rules, creating segments, etc.


Among our future possibilities, we want to link the content of your product catalogue with the highlights of the e-commerce year. That means to determine the peak traffic periods for your business and send tips to highlight certain products, or to suggest to increase the number of products displayed at the right time. We go off the principle that the distribution and the composition of your product catalogue must evolve over time in order to optimize the generated revenue according to various internal and external factors affecting your business. INSIGHTS can therefore be considered as your new, fully automated, multi-channel yield management system. Our goal? To show you the quickest route to business opportunities.

Additional sources, Optimizations, Segments, marketplace error management… the foundations of INSIGHTS are gradually being integrated into our platform.

In order to continuously meet the expectations of our customers, we need to hear from you!

What data do you want to obtain? How can we help you grow your business? Let us know your recommendations by filling in this form.

Naomi Botting

Field Marketing Specialist

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