[What We Do] Vincent Turpain | Sales Team


Check out our interview Vincent Turpain, Business Developer in Lengow’s FR/UK sales team and find out what his typical day at work looks like!

1/ Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, I’m Vincent, 28 years old, Business Developer (Biz Dev) at Lengow for more than 2 years. Before joining Lengow, I went to Skema Business School where I had the opportunity to learn all about sales jobs and digital project management. When I left school, it was clearly this combination of sales and digital projects that led me to look for my first job at Lengow.

2/ What are the missions of a business developer at Lengow?

The game is simple. As a business developer, the aim is to develop a relationship of trust with merchants and to meet their needs to assist them to prospect new customers. Of course, reaching our monthly targets is a big part of it!

The main missions are market research (researching new customers, managing incoming leads), correlating prospects’ needs with the right solution (needs analysis and reflection), establishing a relationship of trust with all the people with whom we exchange (prospects and Lengow customers) and, finally, implementing the Lengow project for each customer.

3/ Pitch Lengow to us!

Sure… I mean, I do it every day. šŸ˜‰

Lengow is a tool allowing e-merchantsā€”brands and retailers selling onlineā€”to distribute their products on diverse sales channel(s).

Lengow allows you to centralise and automate all your e-commerce business and to develop online salesā€”either via marketplaces (Fnac, Amazon, etc.) or via their website.

Through Lengow, it’s easier to reach consumers and boosting online sales becomes simpler, faster and above all easier.

4/ What’s the working atmosphere like in your team?

Let’s say the Hundred Years’ War has long ended!

At Lengow, France and UK collaborate very well. There is a great atmosphere in the team and at Lengow in general because we work with a team spirit above all, and that’s really cool. šŸ˜Š

Naomi Botting

Communications Manager - UK/NORDICS