Lengow launches its new Ecommerce Automation platform


Following the funding announcement earlier this month, Lengow is happy to officially launch its new Ecommerce Automation platform.

This new platform responds to the current and future needs of brands and online retailers with regards to performance, automation and internationalisation.

Adrien Wiesenbach, Acquisition Manager at Menlook, has tested the new platform in preview:

Lengow is quick and easy to use and allows us to distribute our product catalogue on important channels around the world. The new platform will enable us to further improve our performance allowing an even more specific product segmentation and product detail optimisation and therewith an improved ROI.

Ecommerce: a sector in constant evolution

With the evolution of ecommerce market that has become global and cross-border, merchants now face new challenges. Indeed, the consumer journey has transformed: the boundaries between offline and online and the geographical borders between countries are fading, and interactions with the consumers are multiplying. In this context, emerchants must implement a complex multi-channel strategy and be able to measure the impact of each of their campaigns.

Even though merchants now have a multitude of ecommerce tools available to develop their business and to optimise their performance, these tools are often used independently, which does not allow them to have a global view of their business. Lengow’s objective is to offer a solution to this issue.

Lengow: a platform that responds to market needs

The new Lengow Ecommerce Automation platform that will be available as of this Autumn, is more powerful, more intuitive and provides a more ergonomic design for merchants. It offers new features that enable users to further increase the visibility of their offers: real-time visualisation of their product catalogue, catalogue status updates, increased opportunities for automatic rules and personalised recommendations on relevant marketing channels etc. The new platform allows merchants to further automate all their ecommerce data.

Furthermore, the Lengow platform is evolving into a true hub that will allow merchants to manage their marketing campaigns but above all to connect and automatically centralise all their ecommerce tools within the same ecommerce automation platform.

The new platform will allow us to divide by 2 or 3 the time spent for the configuration of our customers, leaving us more time for other strategic tasks. The new interface will have a real impact for all our clients using several marketing levers. With no more duplicate configurations, we will be more efficient and the platform will allow us a better visibility on all implemented optimisation activities, says Nicolas Venaut from VNC Online agency.

If you are a Lengow client and wish to know more about our new platform, please contact your account manager.

If you are not yet a customer and want to know more about Lengow, feel free to request a free demo!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to come meet us at the eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit 2015 – workshop 3/ table 1, and other conferences and tradeshows all over Europe.

Johanna Toiviainen

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