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With countless e-commerce sites, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to gain that competitive edge. Pricing Assistant provides brands alternative pricing and acquisition methods to help online retailers tackle this growing competition, in turn optimising their competitive position and boosting sales.


Monitor your competitor’s business

Every retailer knows that being on top of your competition’s prices can be really advantageous. As a result, Pricing Assistant, an expert in Internet price reporting, lets its users benefit from their benchmarking tariff feature. This feature analyses price fluctuations by comparing a retailer’s entire product catalogue to those of their competitors, thanks to field matching. This lets you stay on top of your competitor’s pricing strategy, and therefore refine your own if need be.

*Price Minister crawls 13 million prices every day on the Web.

Collect data from their product catalogues

So that retailers can do more than just benchmark, Price Assistant has a catalogue extraction tool which lets you analyse competitors’ product catalogues more precisely. Using crawling technology, catalogue extraction works by requesting data from your competitors’ online stores, retrieving information from product pages: name, brand, price, promotion, category, size, weight, colour, pictures….

The different data that you retrieve lets you create a complete cartography of your competitors’ product catalogues. This allows you to analyse product ranges, establish price pyramids and even identify the variety of product in your competitors’ catalogues.

Use this data to optimise your Adword campaign bids

If you use Google Adwords, take note: at the end of 2015, Pricing Assistant launched a new tool, Adwords Pilots. The aim of this new tool is to optimise your Google Adwords campaigns, by making the manual management of the campaigns easier thanks to a dedicated algorithm.

Bids are calculated on an individual basis for each product, depending on several factors such conversion history and margins, as well as competitive position in line with data Pricing Assistant has previously retrieved. By using a wide range of data, the Adwords Pilot algorithm automatically creates an optimised bid for its users.

You can measure entire ROI and/or ROI per product in continuously with Pricing Assistant’s reporting interface. ROI can be calculated according to margin or revenue, in line with predefined business objectives. The interface provides you with information so you can examine data and therefore identify which products to use promotions on.

NB: Bids are optimised and updated several times a day for each product.

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