Success Story: How German Sportswear Brand Keller Sports Launched on Marketplaces


As one of the leading online sportswear providers, Keller Sports inspires thousands of customers on a daily basis with premium sports products. Over the last 10 years, Keller Sports has grown to be the number one retailer for premium sports products, and one of the most visited sites for sportswear. Today we’re going to look at how Lengow helped them with their success.

Keller Sports already had quite a sophisticated inhouse marketing team, and were selling on all major, relevant channels across Europe. Keller Sports’ performance was and still is great. Therefore, marketplaces have never been a focus area for them. In 2016, Keller Sports wanted to assess the sheer reach of marketplaces, which they thought could be a good channel for older and non-exclusive products. With this in mind, they decided to work with Lengow, to help simplify the process.

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Within 2-3 weeks they were selling on Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon ES, Amazon FR as well as on C-Discount, Rakuten Germany and Priceminister.

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