What We Do | Mathieu – Management & Administration team


Check out our conversation with Mathieu Fatin, Accountant in Lengow’s Management & Administration Team!

1/ Hi Mathieu, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Mathieu, I just turned 30 in 2020. I come from Saumur in Maine et Loire. Famous for its wine and horseback riding. In case you’re wondering, I’m not really a fan of horse riding!

I arrived in Nantes in 2018 after various experiences as an accountant in cities like Paris, Tours, and Angers.

I’m into sports like weight training, football, and tennis, to name a few!

2/ What does your job consist of? What is your biggest challenge?

Currently, my main mission is Accounts Payable accounting. This consists of recording Lengow’s expenses, whether they are for software, supplies, partners, etc.

I also have a lot of other tasks such as entering customer transfers, bank reconciliations, DES, salary transfers, etc.

My biggest challenge is the monthly closing of accounts, I’m also working to become more versatile via training to do Customer accounting.

2/ Who do you work with in the Lengow team?

Internally, I work with my accounting colleagues Amélie and Florent. I work a lot with the communication department because Lengow puts a lot of customer events in place and I accompany them on invoice-related topics.

And finally, for all those who claim expenses, I’m the one that comes to annoy them for any missing invoices or for the validation of invoices to be paid!

3/ And externally?

External contacts related to suppliers are mainly managed directly by the employees benefiting from the services.

Soon, I will also have the opportunity to exchange with our customers, and at the end of my current training, I will be responsible for accompanying them on all things related to invoicing and in particular about payments.

4/ What tools do you use?

We use the software Sage Accounting and Sage Fixed Assets. I also use Excel, Spendesk, and Word.

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