E-commerce podcasts to listen to in 2022


Audio is the new video… Globally, over 2,000,000 podcasts and 48 million episodes are out there as of April 2021, and this number is climbing daily. Podcasts are steadily gaining popularity in Europe with individuals seeking to stay updated about topics of interest and to learn something new.

To all merchants out there: 2022 should be the year you start regularly listening to podcasts to find interesting tips and tricks for your business. We’ve compiled the best podcasts for 2022.

1/ eCommerce Fuel (USA)

eCommerceFuel is a private community of successful online shop owners. The average member has an annual turnover of $2.6 million, so it is not a community for small or new businesses in the field. The content of the podcasts is nevertheless interesting.

Andrew Youderian hosts the podcast and, in each episode, he interviews some of the best e-commerce minds in the industry. They offer concrete, actionable advice to help merchants grow their business.

The refreshing thing about this podcast is that it doesn’t just talk about selling. It’s also about operations, manufacturing, hiring, outsourcing and all the issues involved in retail. There’s something useful to be found in every episode.

Here is a thematic overview of the podcasts. Our top tip: this episode on how to achieve success on the marketplace Etsy.

2/ eCommerce MasterPlan (UK)

This podcast from the UK has episodes which last around 30 minutes and provide some valuable tips and stories of first-hand experience in the e-commerce sector. eCommerce MasterPlan is hosted by marketing expert Chloë Thomas.

Each week, an expert from the online retail industry (board member, manager or marketer) is interviewed. This provides a fascinating insight into successful e-commerce. The interviewee may come from a British online retailer, a brand in Australia or a stationery store in the USA. You can learn something from all of them.

Our top tip: How to manage 4500% growth with Daniel Wellington’s IT Director Daniel Näsman.

3/ Le WimLex Show (EU)

This lesser-known podcast of this list is our insider tip! This live recorded show could be called the European Ecommerce podcast. The three hosts Alexander Graf (from Germany), Willem Blom (from Amsterdam) and Lena Hackelöer (from Stockholm) meet with top commerce gurus to discuss fresh commerce models and innovative growth opportunities. The podcast’s name is an homage to the Dutch king Willem-Alexander, the real ‘WimLex’. The ‘Le’ stands for Lena.

Our top tips: the episode about the Dutch marketplace Bol.com with its CEO Huub Vermeulen, and another interesting episode about competition in the online fashion sector. But there are many more to discover!

This podcast is based on one of Germany’s famous podcasts about e-commerce in Germany: kassenzone.de.

4/ eCommerce Nurse (UK)

ECommerce Nurse is hosted by Carina McLeod, an ex-Amazonian and e-commerce consultant. She discusses hot topics around Amazon with leading industry specialists. The podcast is very young―the first episode was published in July 2019―but the podcast is very interesting, for Amazon sellers in particular.

In this episode, for example, McLeod talks about Amazon Europe and why sellers and vendors need to treat each marketplace differently and not apply a blanket approach to all European countries. And in this one, she talks with an expert about Germany and how to develop your Amazon business to appeal to the German market.

5/ My Wife Quit Her Job (USA)

Host Steve Chou’s wife used to work grueling hours at a six-figure salary job that she despised. When she got pregnant, she decided to quit and open an online store. Working together with Chou to build a retail website, they made +$100,000 in their first year of business.
In this podcast, Chou brings in small business entrepreneurs who are ‘killing it’ online. guides listeners on how to start a profitable e-commerce business and a defensible brand. You’ll learn how to sell on Amazon, start an online store, run PPC ads and build an audience.

Our tip: this episode on how to make 7 figures with affiliate marketing.

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