Bazaarvoice Curations: Turning Consumers into Content Creators for your Brand


With the democratisation of mobile device usage and the birth of social networks, more and more consumers are sharing their shopping experiences with their entourage and their virtual online friends. Once they’ve made their purchase, writing a review or publishing a photo or video of their latest acquisitions is becoming second nature.

It’s a fact, consumers are no longer looking for a simple shopping experience but want to engage in sharing everyday product and service experiences. More and more shoppers are proud to talk about the brands they love. This desire to belong, encourages more and more consumers to publish positive content about their favourite brands, much to the joy of e-tailors, who enjoy the free publicity.

To exploit the potential of User Generated Content, Bazaarvoice whose solution specialises in collecting and disseminating content generated by consumers, has decided to launch a social patronage platform called Bazaarvoice Curations.

What is Bazaarvoice Curations?

Designed to exploit the vast quantity of content produced on social networks, Bazaarvoice Curations allows brands to enhance their customers’ shopping experience by integrating social content published by their fans on their online store. This service showcases the content generated by shoppers, while giving brands the opportunity to encourage further engagement, conversion and ROI from publications of members of their community.

For this, Bazaarvoice Curations extract messages about your brand from social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as videos, photos, keywords or hashtags. Once these publications have been harvested, Bazaarvoice’s team of moderators evaluate and filter all content generated by consumers, according to your moderation instructions. Note that it is possible to define rules to exclude certain things: insults, mentions involving your competitors, etc.

How is Social Content Highlighted?

To push social content on your online store, there are several possibilities:

The Lifestyle Gallery: this gallery allows you to gather social content related to your brand by highlighting photos and videos to create a visual experience.


The Product Pages Galleries: these galleries allow products placed by consumers directly from the product page to be viewed.


Bazaarvoice Curations allows your online store to gain visibility; it allows you to increase your commitment to consumers and also to up the chances of converting browsers thanks to your products being displayed in a positive light by fellow shoppers. By integrating social content within your online store, your visitors have no need to leave your online store to read customer reviews.

Charlotte Osborne

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