[Lengow Product updates] Ready for 2023: How we built a strong foundation in 2022


The year 2022, has witnessed significant changes in society and the economy, particularly in the latter half of the year. This underscores the rapidly evolving and high-impact context in which we do business. The future is unpredictable, which means that companies must be prepared to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. With external factors such as rising prices adding to the challenges, it can be overwhelming to navigate all of the obstacles that one faces.

Lengow has worked hard to build the most comprehensive commerce orchestration platform, enabling brands and retailers to effectively unlock their online potential and achieve Commerce Everywhere, meeting these challenges. Discover how!


Optimise Cost and Mitigate Risk

Netrivals visual

To make informed decisions in key areas of your business and increase conversions and profitability through smart repricing, check out the latest features we’ve deployed in the past semester on Netrivals, our new price intelligence solution.

  • Go further in the competitor monitoring: “Amazon Ratings & Reviews 2.0” allows you to track ratings and reviews on Amazon and compare them with those of your competitors’ products, helping you to improve your reputation score. With “Geo-offers,” you can monitor prices based on postal codes, and “My Rivals/Retailers 2.0” provides suggestions for rivals based on shared EANs, as well as information about their geographical location and shipping.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your users’ behaviours, such as the number of pages viewed per customer and average time spent, using GTM events for user metrics.
  • My Catalog 2.0 provides a clear overview of your imported catalogue with better views and filters. The Smart Suggestions feature now allows you to easily filter and order product lists, view the percentage similarity of attributes, and apply filters and save views on marketplace channels. You can also easily download your custom export directly from the SaaS. These tools can make your daily work easier and more efficient.

Navigate New Customer Behaviours


To succeed in 2023, it will be important to prioritise the customer experience and adapt to their behaviours. Lengow is dedicated to offering flexible distribution methods and providing a seamless experience across all channels, both online and offline.

We are pleased to announce that key new marketplaces, has joined our catalogue of over 200 marketplaces.

  • Fashion: YOOX, Sarenza, Inno
  • DIY: Bricocash, Bricoman, Spareka, Bricorama
  • Animal & Pet supplies: Petch
  • Electronics: PC Componentes, as well as its multi-category marketplace, Unilae.

To help you address cross-border challenges and expand your international presence, we have enhanced our existing partnerships in major European markets and established new partnerships in additional countries.

  • Belgium and the Netherlands: SecretSales
  • Portugal: Venca
  • Italy: Maisons du Monde.

Additionally, Lengow now includes new European marketing channels such as Varusök (a Swedish price comparison website), Liligo Flight (a flight search engine), Wine Decider (a price comparison website for the beverage industry) and Performance Max (a new type of Google Campaign aka the next generation of Smart Shopping).

Gain Agility in a Complex and Competitive Industry

Create a versatile e-commerce stack using the finest available tools. This will enable you to meet client requests and maintain your competitiveness in a market that is changing quickly.
Lengow provides you with access to a vast network of API-connected channels and technical experts, making it easy to distribute and integrate your products and ensuring the long-term success of your technological stack.


To strengthen our ecosystem at the heart of your Commerce Everywhere strategy, we completed our connectors with strong partners:

  • We can now provide you an SFTP access on Lengow,s servers for our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge, available since this summer.
  • Retrieve the BigCommerce App directly on the BigCommerce Apps Platform

We reinforced our partnerships with great marketplaces to make it easier to sell on it and reduce your time to market:

  • Zalando: Zalando Fulfilment Services (ZFS) now allows you to send shipping notice requests via the API, and track your products movements within the Zalando network. We also have extended the limitation of requests to the Zalando Stocks and Prices API by merchants
  • Amazon: Publish easily on Amazon’s Shoes, Accessories and Luggage categories (Amazon Flat Files)
  • Spareka: You can now retrieve carrier information, chosen by the customer on the marketplace, and send it directly to your CMS via Lengow’s module
  • Fnac & Darty: The timing of offers feeds synchronisation is now reduced from four to one hour

And to respond to your technical needs, we have strengthened our existing Marketplaces API:

  • Amazon: Upgrade from Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) to Amazon Selling Partners API (SP-API)
  • Ebay: Migration from Large Merchant Services (LMS, a SOAP API) to Sell Feed API implemented (REST API)
  • Bol.com: Upgrade to API Version 6 & we’ve earned the “Bronze Partner status”

We are constantly working to improve the user experience on our platform, including enhancements to catalogue imports, pre-matching of attributes (especially for large catalogues), and catalogue dashboards.
Finally, we have made new automated rules to help you improve efficiency and reduce time to market: SPLIT (divide an existing field into multiple values, and use the results as a value in your catalogue); TRUNC (limit the number of characters present in your fields) and FORMAT-NUM( display a price in a format that you can manage to the decimal digit of your choice).

Crack the Code of Data Opacity

The most valuable resource for marketers is data. It is crucial to gather as much of it as you can even though it can be difficult to understand. The hard part is figuring out how to use the enormous amounts of data at your disposal to boost your efficiency, client pleasure, and agility. Despite the difficulties that the abundance of data available poses, it will be vital for marketers in 2023 to take advantage of it.

In this way, Improvements have been made to facilitate the integration of data between Lengow and Netrivals, our new price intelligence solution.
You can now add Netrivals as an Additional Source to create a main catalogue with competitive data that can be used to optimise your diffusion (thanks to automatic rules and segments) and highlight/Disable products in function.

If you are interested in Lengow, please contact us and request a demo!

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Anne-Laure Louis-Carroz

Head of Product Marketing @ Lengow

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