Facebook and Instagram are more important than ever in the world of e-commerce


Lengow has teamed up with the e-commerce agency Feed Manager to create the ultimate guide for brands and retailers looking to successfully advertise on Facebook and Instagram. This detailed whitepaper includes expert tips and advice,  as well as concrete examples and helpful case studies from brands like Clarins.

Counting more than 2.7 billion active monthly users (MAUs) on Facebook and 1 billion MAUs on Instagram, this ecosystem makes up the world’s leading social network, ahead of TikTok and co.

The potential of this acquisition lever is immense: 30% of marketers believe that Facebook offers the best ROI from digital advertising campaigns! And yet, less than a quarter of Facebook pages use paid media…

Despite the new players in the social media market, the Facebook/Instagram network continues to establish its position as the dominant social commerce platform in the industry. The network is an unavoidable sales channel for all brands and retailers looking to expand their online presence.

Frédéric Clément

CMO – Lengow

An indispensable guide beginners and specialists alike, this white paper provides retailers detailed support at every stage of the creation of dynamic product ads on Instagram and Facebook. Concrete examples and exclusive tips help you go a step further. Clarins, one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies, provides a particularly interesting and informative case study.

Topics covered in detail: import product catalogs, implement the Facebook Pixel, create Dynamic Ads campaigns, tracking, target group definitions, and auctions. In other words, all the essential steps to set up a successful campaign.

You will also find advice on more specific topics such as creating ads with location targeting, implementing targeting strategies and tools to further personalize product ads, etc.

Instagram & Facebook Whitepaper

Make your Instagram & Facebook a success Lengow and FeedManager have t…

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Naomi Botting

Senior Communications Manager - UK, Northern Europe, China