Lengow Day: Explore a new customer experience


In a previous article we laid out the three main topics that will be discussed during the fifth edition of Lengow day on the 11th of October. Find out about the day’s first topic: “Explore a new customer experience” here.
Lengow Ecommerce Day-33


The first talk, titled “Explore how online retailers use e-commerce services worldwide”, will highlight the current and future market trends e.g. mobile commerce, payment methods etc.

Round Table

This subject will then be put up for debate during a roundtable with the title “New user experiences are transforming the retail and ecommerce ecosystems (Mobile, ROPO , social media,…) How are the retail and ecommerce markets adapting?” Hosted by Michel Juvillier (President of the editorial committee), the panel will include Eva Linda Rohde – Legal Advisor (BEVH), James Roper – Chairman & Founder (IMRG), Stephan Grad – CEO & Managing Director (A-Commerce), Julien-Henri Maurice – Chief Digital & Marketing Officer (Bazarchic) and Roger Graell (Mango).

An ecommerce phenomenon outside of Europe

Guido Ghedin – International Marketing Consultant (Cifnews) will then take a moment to address the Chinese market and live streaming. His talk, titled “Live Streaming and ecommerce: how it could change the fashion industry, and why China is so far ahead right now”, aims to shed light on this rising phenomenon.

Success Story: Keller Sports

In this success story André Patrzek – Director of Marketing & Sales (Keller Sports) – will tell us about his experiences. Find out how the German sports brand implemented a Cross-canal 360° marketing strategy and how they succeeded in selling their products in other countries.

Maud Leuenberger

Editorial Project Leader @lengow