Diffusion Reports: Correct All Your Product Data Errors


In order to limit the risk of product data errors on marketplaces and other sales channels, Lengow provides you with distribution reports. Since this feature was first launched, our team has continued improving these reports to ensure your products are put online properly, enabling you to maintain your position as a seller on marketplaces. Discover the latest updates.

Accessible for each diffuser on our platform, diffusion reports trace any errors that may have occurred when sending your product catalogue to marketplaces and other distribution channels where you sell your products. Grouped by type according to the attribute at the origin of the error (price, stock, description, identifier, category, etc.), these reports have a certain amount of information that will enable you to correct your errors as quickly as possible, and then put your products back on sale: number of products not accepted, products grouped by type of error and importance, or action to be taken to correct your errors.
Lengow helps you in the distribution of your product catalogue on marketplaces: we guide you step-by-step in the correction of your errors by clearly indicating the actions to be taken to resolve them.

It is possible for you to automatically correct errors in the categorisation of your products from your report.


Whether mandatory or optional, the categorisation step contributes to your products being well-referenced on marketplaces and other sales channels, as it allows consumers to find you easily and quickly through search filters.

If your products are miscategorised, you will be able to automatically correct this error within Lengow’s distribution reports via the intelligent recommendation tool. This tool automatically suggests the marketplace categories that should correspond to those in your product catalogue according to the following criteria: similarity between thesauruses on two diffusers, syntactic and structural analysis of the categories in your catalogue, and Lengow’s expertise in product data management. By correcting your products’ categorisation, you will ensure better visibility of your offer.

Our ambition is also to offer you this type of intelligent recommendation on errors related to attributes, rules, and segments. In the meantime, make sure you check these reports regularly to ensure that all your products have been uploaded.

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