Personalisation with Lengow’s “App Store” (Part 2)


We continue with our series dedicated to presenting the wide variety of applications available on Lengow’s “App Store”. Today we bring you a focus on apps that specialise in personalisation in the customer buying journey. 

[This article is the second in a series of articles dedicated to introducing our partners for the Lengow “App Store”.] 

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Nowadays, personalisation is vital if you want to increase the performance of your online business and improve your customer’s shopping experience. Your client database, is therefore the key to success. By using the information collected from your customer profiles, you can personalise your marketing messages and tailor them to your customer’s specific interests.

Working to help retailers send customised content to their customers, DoubleClick (Advertising Technologies category), Kickdynamic (Email category) and Adnymics (Printed material personalisation category) have developed solutions that cater to your needs. By collaborating with these platforms, you can send personalised messages to your clients throughout their entire buying journey.

Personalising your messages

DoubleClick Creative Solutions by Google (Advertising technologies)

Specialised in campaign management, DoubleClick aims to help you connect with the right people in the right moments. The solution brings together all the tools that you need to build and manage attractive ad campaigns, from custom video to mobile plug-ang-play, with the possibility of creating dynamic banners, for example.


Kickdynamic (E-mail)

Kickdynamic enables you to manage your email campaign content by sending messages (such as new products or time limited offers), that are contextual, optimised and up-to-date at email open time. This solution lets you personalise your campaigns based on recipient behaviour and preferences. Through this, you can recommend products based on previous searches that users have made on your site.


Adnymics Target Conversion (Brand Identity)

Adnymics allows retailers to customise package content for their clients by providing personalised package inserts. Adnymics identify product recommendations by analysing customer behaviour based on their online purchases. Once this analysis is complete, the recommended products are printed in a package insert to be included in the package. By doing this, customers receive offers and recommendations tailored to their buyer profile.

If you would like to integrate your solution with our app gallery, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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