Azetone sets the tone for mobile A/B testing


On June 2 in Paris, one of the highlights of the classic Lengow Ecommerce Day 2015 was the Startup Spotlight contest. Seven startups—selected out of many applicants—that are impacting various aspects of ecommerce showcased their products to large crowds of Lengow Day attendees.

Then they stepped on stage to pitch to premier VCs and other startup experts. But in the end, it was a mobile startup that set the tone and etched its name in Lengow Day history: Azetone.

Azetone, which specializes in A/B testing for mobile devices, emerged as the winner. Its CEO is Philippe Dumont, a long-time member of the Mobile Marketing Association who has in the past year shared his mobile expertise on stage at other prestigious annual events like the HUB Institute’s Future of Mobility conference.

Dumont recently took his time to share with Lengow Blog readers his thoughts on mobile marketing and how Azetone is contributing to its evolution.

Thanks for taking time to speak with us, Phil. Azetone was launched in 2014 and the team has already grown to six people; can you tell us about your startup and its growth?

You’re welcome. Azetone launched last year, but it is actually the fruit of a long period of labor: several years of research, hard work and the collective efforts of a group of software developers who are very enthusiastic about mobile. In particular, this group is interested in becoming the leader when it comes to the optimization and personalization of mobile apps.

We got started in early 2014 and provided our services to a small group of early clients. En July 2014, we acquired another mobile A/B testing startup ( which launched in early 2013.


Today we offer a versatile three-part platform to all companies who are very active on mobile devices (i.e. those with iOs and Android apps). Azetone is composed of:

  • a tool called Mobile Heatmaps for data visualization and mobile user experience (UX)
  • a tool for mobile application optimization (Mobile A/B Testing)
  • a tool for dynamic personalization of apps

Azetone’s target market includes online merchants who want to get their piece of the (growing) mobile pie.

Brands that want to improve the mobile UX and monetization of their apps also benefit from Azetone’s tools.

What pain point does Azetone offer a solution to?

After many years of experience in developing mobile apps, we wanted to find solutions to problems that a wide range of marketers and mobile developers have been facing.

First of all, let’s keep in mind the fact that a mobile app is not at all agile; it is actually stuck in stone once it gets validated by the stores (AppStore, GooglePlay…). On top of that, there are practically no means for improving and optimizing a mobile app. Lastly, despite all the (big) data we have about users, we are still stuck with one-size-fits-all apps that are provided to distinct types of mobile devices nowadays.

To handle all these issues, we decided to create the first integrated “finger tracking” solution as well as A/B Testing and Personalization tools for iOS and Android apps.

Thanks to being dependable and efficient, Azetone’s platform provides much aid to technical teams who absolutely need to have an SDK (Software Development Kit) that doesn’t interfere with any aspect of their applications and doesn’t worsen the app’s performance once it is in the hands of end-users.

Because ti is easy to integrate and use, Azetone allows for marketers to not have to depend too much on their colleagues on the tech side; they can use Azetone on their own once the SDK is integrated.

In your opinion, what is the most innovative part of Azetone that has an impact on e-merchants?

First of all, Azetone lets them perfectly understand how each of their customer segments uses their mobile apps.

One big reason for that is our comprehensive dashboard reviewing all customer profiles (i.e. our Profile Builder which is able to integrate with analytics, Push Notification and CRM tools).

Another important aspect is a visualization of the user’s interactions with apps.

Both of these create, for the first time, the opportunity to know where exactly improvements should be made within mobile apps.

With our A/B testing platform, it is possible to improve conversation rates (up to 56% for some of our clients!) thanks to modifications made to the interface and the functions of an app without having to resubmit it to app stores.

And with our personalization tool, you can dynamically create interfaces and personalized UX that corresponds with users’ profiles and the context of usage. For example, your app can be changed dramatically depending on if the customer is a regular or a new one or if the app is being used at home, near a store or at a Point of Sale.

Lastly, thanks to our integration with several Push Notifications (such as Capptain) you can personalize all of the customer journey, from the notification to the experience within the app.

What are your future plans?

We are in the process of working on making our SDK more simple and powerful in regards to its integration in mobile apps and we have other plans too. One is to enrich our Dashboard with Big Data and Machine Learning services in order to offer more relevant recommendations and further personalize clients’ applications.

We are also seeking to execute our open platform strategy to allow for managing on-the-fly a dynamic, personalized and optimized UX for mobile apps. What’s exciting is that it will be connected in real time to the marketing platforms clients use; no matter what they use.

How would you sum up Azetone in a sentence?

Azetone is the ideal solution for better understanding, optimizing and personalizing UX and maximizing the ROI of mobile applications.

Elias Jabbe

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