Brands: Why and how to start automating your content syndication?


Today’s consumer is demanding and eager for information. Confronted with a multitude of channels, devices, solicitations, they expect to have consistent, clear and accurate product information at all points of contact: website, marketplaces, social networks, SEA…

As a Brand, you understand this and have developed an omnichannel strategy to distribute your content on many channels and resellers. But, to meet the demands of your consumers, you are faced with the problem of adapting your product data to the specificities of each one. This is where content syndication comes in to facilitate your online distributions.

In this article you will discover everything you need to know about content syndication: definition, advantages and implementation!


Content syndication is an automated solution that allows you to quickly and easily distribute all your product data to your online sales media (websites, mobile apps) and to your partners’ third-party sales outlets: marketplaces, physical stores, etc.
As part of an omnichannel approach, this tool will serve as a cornerstone to distribute and control all your product data. You can publish a single version of your data in all distribution channels, and thus improve their quality and consistency.

What can product syndication do for you?

The syndication of your product content allows you to automate the repetitive and tedious tasks related to the collection, standardization and enrichment of product sheets or pages. Your information is therefore immediately up to date, regardless of the medium. You save time but also ensure consistency by displaying similar and quality information everywhere, which ensures an optimal customer experience, regardless of the shopping platform used.

The possibilities are endless: marketplaces, resellers, social networks, international channels; this system allows you to multiply your online presence and not miss any sale.

You limit the loss of revenue linked to products refused on channels due to errors, inconsistencies or lack of information: you can quickly correct and harmonize the data distributed!

And, the cherry on top, it gives your marketing and e-commerce teams the opportunity to focus on more value-added tasks for other business opportunities or projects.

How to set up an automated content syndication?

A dedicated platform will help you simplify all processes, limit friction points, and ensure that your customer’s experience is the best it can be. It will allow you to automate repetitive and tedious tasks related to the integration, optimization and distribution of your product sheets.

The first step is to integrate your data into the platform. Generally, different data source formats are supported: internals olutions (ERP/PIM/DAM/MDM) and e-commerce platofrms, API or even a simple file. Once your data is centralized, you will be able to customize and optimize your mass product flows to automate most of your tasks.

Here are some examples of features that a content syndication platform, like Lengow, can offer you:

  • Create your own flow structure, according to your distributors’ expectations, entirely personalized according to your needs, in complete autonomy.
  • Adapt your distribution by targeting or excluding the products that will be visible on each of your partners (marketplaces, price comparison sites, resellers, etc.) and automate the distribution steps by segmenting your product catalog.
  • Reference your products easily on marketplaces: place your product in the right category and use tools such as smart category suggestion so that users find you in the right category when they activate the search filters.
  • Finally, view centralized broadcast error reports made available by broadcasters. Choose a platform that will offer you turnkey solutions by clearly indicating the content to change or what action to take on your feeds. You will then be able to correct your errors as quickly as possible and present quality product sheets!


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