Lengow Day 2018 : “Think Better, Act Closer”


In a previous article, we gave you an overview of the three themes that will set the tone for the 6th Lengow Day, which will take place on 27th September 2018: “Get To Know Your Future Customers”, “Think Better, Act Closer”, and “Go Beyond Your Achievements”. To find out more about this event, which this year is dedicated to the customer journey, read about our second theme entitled “Think Better, Act Closer”.

“Explore new opportunities through AI”

Artificial intelligence is reinventing how we sell and how we consume. According to Statista, the sector is expected to be worth nearly $ 90 billion by 2025. What are the latest market trends? What opportunities are there for merchants to reach new customers? To discuss this, we will be joined by Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Vice-President Watson / Cognitive Transformation at IBM Watson.

“How can you drive demand and sales for your entire catalogue through Dynamic Ads?”

In a context where the consumer purchase journey is anything but linear, merchants now have the opportunity to reach consumers all the way through it. This is where Facebook’s Dynamic Ads come in. Led by Guillaume Cavaroc (Retail Industry Manager at Facebook), this discussion will provide you all the tips you need to successfully promote your products on Facebook.

“Innovate to build tomorrow’s e-commerce landscape”

Estimated to be over 600 billion Euros by the end of 2018, the turnover of the European e-commerce market (BtoC) could be twice as large as it was in 2013. The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving and transforming. What innovations have been implemented? How do you respond to the new purchasing behaviour of buyers around the world?

We look forward to seeing you on 27th September in Paris at the Pavillon Gabriel. You can find all the information about Lengow Day 2018 on our website, our blog, and our social media: Twitter (follow the hashtag #LengowDay) and our LinkedIn group.

Registrations are open! Participation in Lengow Day is by confirmation, so request your participation now!


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Maud Leuenberger

Editorial Project Leader @lengow