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Each month, we’ll be showcasing a new feature available within Lengow, to help you make the most of our platform. Our objective? To save you time so that you can focus on what really matters. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how to configure your marketing channels as quickly as possible with the automatic import settings!

Each marketing channel has specific expectations, so it can be time consuming when you advertise your products on multiple channels. When adapting your product catalogue to the requirements of each market, there are a few certain unavoidable steps, such as choosing the right categories or changing and optimising the content of each product attribute. But you have a strong asset on your side: you have a good knowledge of your catalogue, and you already know that some elements of your catalogue can apply to several different channels.

Publish a new, optimised feed in minutes

To help you save time during the setup of your feed, a feature is available within our platform that allows you to instantly import all the settings you’ve already created on a channel, such as:

  • the categorisation of your products,
  • matching attributes,
  • the automatic rules,
  • product exclusions.

For example, an online retailer has already set up its Google Shopping feed for the UK. Demand is increasing, so he now wants to sell its products in France. By using this feature, he no longer need to redo the entire setup. He just need to import the settings he has already made, and then adapt them if some fields require it.

With this feature, you don’t end up making unnecessary settings and you have a new ready-to-use feed in minutes.

How does it work?

When creating a new marketing channel, we propose (in order of similarity) a list of pre-created channels that can be copied according to the following criteria:

  • have at least 5 similar duplicable attributes,
  • use the same catalogue for these two channels.



Note: To help you in choosing the structure to import, we indicate the number of categories and “duplicable” attributes that you will be able to recover during the import.

See you next month to find out more about another one of our many features! In the meantime, take a look (again) at how to drive your e-commerce activity on a daily basis within our platform.

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Maud Leuenberger

Editorial Project Leader @lengow

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