Do You Know the Best Practices to Improve Your Product Visibility on Cdiscount?


Cdiscount Marketplace is a powerful tool for developing your e-commerce activity. It is crucial to know the rules of the game in terms of visibility to make the most of this experience as a seller. 

We will present you with some levers to improve the product visibility of your products on this platform.

How You Can Improve Your Product Visibility on Cdiscount

1. Devote Time to Creating Your Catalog

The elements that make up your catalog have an impact on product visibility:

  • Keywords in the labels: The ranking of search results is largely based on the terms in the title. The type of product, brand, model and descriptive keywords (up to 2 maximum) must be included in your labels. Matching the title to its category using the right keywords will make you more visible. 
  • Specific characteristics: Called facets, these additional features allow items to be organised on the website and take the form of search filters. Widely used by customers, the filters can increase your traffic by up to 25%.
  • Visuals: You can supplement your catalog with 4 quality images displaying the product alone on a white background, except for certain categories such as Complete kitchens, Complete bathrooms, Complete dining rooms, Complete bedrooms, Bedding, External lighting, Shower cubicles, Shower enclosures, and Shower trays. Images with pictograms have a negative impact on ranking.
  • Marketing description: This section of the product sheet allows you to highlight your product by adding visuals, videos, and tutorials.
  • Duplicates: The presence of duplicates can cause a loss of visibility. Make sure your descriptions and images are unique and specific to each product.

2. Make Sure Your Offers are Consistent and Competitive

Certain elements related to your offer also have an impact on product visibility:

  • The selling price
  • Delivery: delivery times and costs. According to this criteria, the offers eligible for the Cdiscount A Volonté (CDAV) loyalty program via the subscription to the Fulfilment service or the Cdiscount Express Seller option will be considered very qualitative (free delivery within 24 to 72 hours).

N.B. The promise of delivery to the customer is determined by the combination of two parameters: preparation time and delivery time. The shorter your preparation time, the more accurate your delivery promise will be to the customer.

  • The Cdiscount Marketplace has always been characterized by a strong commercial culture. Merchants are free to offer sales promotions thanks to several types of mechanics that allow them to offer short-term discounts throughout the year: flash sales and smart coupons.
  • Well-rated offers are more likely to be better referenced. 

3. The Qualiscore, a Rating that Regulates the Product Visibility on the Website

Cdiscount has designed a solution, the Qualiscore, which takes the form of a grade ranging from A to E, awarded to each offer according to quality criteria (see above). These grades are associated with an engine effect that regulates the visibility of the offers on the website to prioritiSe the most relevant offers to the end customer.

For example, offers rated A and B will be available on the first pages of the search results lists, while offers rated D will appear on the last pages of the results lists.

4. Sponsored Products, an Additional Visibility Lever

A Sponsored Product is an advertising format based on a selection of keywords, a list of products, and a cost per click, which you can freely determine. Your offers will appear in the first positions when the visitor searches for a product similar to yours. The display order takes into account your bid, as well as the natural score of the product. That is why we recommend sponsoring your products only after you have optimized your catalog.

Conclusion: The Best Practices to Improve Your Product Visibility on Cdiscount

To summarize, the visibility of your products on the Cdiscount marketplace depends on many factors such as the quality of your catalog, the competitiveness of your offers, and the management of your customer relationship.

By following the best practices discussed in this article, you can improve product visibility on the Cdiscount marketplace and take advantage of the power of this platform to develop your e-commerce activity.

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Viola Turati

A specialist in online sales on the French market, Viola works closely with partners across the world, helping them maximize sellers’ potential on the marketplaces of the Octopia community, including Cdiscount.

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