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Product feed management (or data feed management) has never been so demanding for online sellers: more and more social media platforms are becoming shopping platforms (e.g. Instagram, TikTok), while retailers are becoming marketplaces (e.g. Leroy Merlin, Walmart). Especially marketplaces are expected to be the world’s fastest-growing and biggest retail channel by 2027.

In order to sell successfully across all these online shopping platforms (multichannel strategy) it is a top priority for every seller to have up-to-date and rich product data feeds.

But, how can you manage large product catalogues effectively without losing multiple hours per day?

In this article, we have gathered all the facts you need to know about product feed management and how a feed management platform can take the heavy weight off your shoulders.

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What are Product Feeds?

Product feeds are digital documents (e.g. CSV or XML files) where companies store all the necessary product information. This product data is used to easily sell and advertise products on multiple online sales channels.

Therefore, making sure that this data is accurate and highly qualitative is key to increase visibility and sales overall. According to Statista numbers in 2022, in Spain, the main cause for returning products shopped online was the inaccuracy of the product description, while in the U.S. a total of 56% of the participants also returned products for this reason.

The product information includes both frontend (what customers see on the product listings) and backend content (e.g. product ID, inventory) and the most common product attributes are:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Stock Availability
  • And much more

It is important to mention that every shopping platform has its own data requirements and recommendations which need to be respected. However, managing all these different data attributes and constant updates for a large range of products can be challenging. As your e-commerce business grows it can become very time-consuming to manually conduct product feed management.

What is Product Feed Management?

Product feed management consists of ensuring high-quality product feeds and distributing them to various online sales channels, including marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay) and acquisition channels (e.g. Instagram and Google Shopping). 

The Challenges with Product Feed Management

As mentioned above, product feed optimisation can consume a significant amount of your working time and energy. Nonetheless, there are other difficulties that marketers and E-commerce Managers may experience with feed management:

  • The online sales channel may not accept your product feed because it does not fit the specifications of the channel 
  • A product feed is never complete as long as the product undergoes changes
  • Several hours per day must be dedicated to reviewing product data feeds manually
  • Manual work can easily lead to errors 
  • Fewer products might be distributed and sold if product feeds are incorrect

Luckily there are tools that can be used to prevent these issues which are best known as product feed management software.

Product Feed Management Software: Your E-commerce Accelerator

Thanks to product feed management software retailers and brands can automate publishing products on new online channels and update feeds on a regular basis to always provide accurate information to customers. This can help e-businesses accelerate their distribution and marketing efforts. Having a product management tool also means having enough time for strategic tasks of your business that will further boost its growth.

The Main Benefits of Using Lengow for Your Feed Management

If you already did some research on product feed management tools, you might have noticed that there are several options in the market that might at first overwhelm your decision.

How a product feed management tool works (Source: Lengow).

In order to help you choose the right solution, we want to present you the main reasons why Lengow should be your data feed management ally:

  • Save time and increase your revenue publishing your products on over 200 marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Leroy Merlin);
  • Increase your product visibility on over 1,400 marketing channels (e.g. Google Shopping, TikTok);
  • Control your stock levels in real-time to ensure product availability;
  • Easily format or merge your data feeds with other data sources;
  • Refresh your data feed content in real-time (prices, availability, delivery options, etc.);
  • Have high-quality and complete product feeds before exporting them onto sales platforms;
  • Optimise your ROI (return on investment);
  • Use our powerful automatic rules and partner applications to adapt your product feeds to any market;
  • Easily segment your product catalogue with no need for a technical team;
  • Check your offer profitability (by comparing your various expenses with your net profit for each product sold);
  • Make optimal price adjustments to keep up with market competition by using Netrivals data as an additional source. With this integration, creating segments based on competitor and price intelligence data is effortless, allowing you to activate dynamic pricing on your catalogue’s products with ease.

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Product Feed Management FAQs

A product feed management software automates feed management by centralising the process in one single place and having a complete overview of all online orders and advertising campaigns.

You need a product feed management tool to save time and money on your online multichannel strategy, guarantee high-quality product feeds at all times, and increase your revenue.

Sofia Carvalho e Pereira

Sofia is a language enthusiast with an academical background in Linguistics and Strategic Communication and PR. Before joining Netrivals' and Lengow's e-commerce content team, she worked in diverse sectors as part of their marketing departments.

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