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Looking for a powerful Shopping Feed alternative that can help you reach a wider audience and maximise your sales potential? Unlike Shopping Feed’s French-oriented platform, Lengow provides you with superior international expertise and complete feed management solutions.

Lengow offers over 1,800 channel integrations (marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, product ads, affiliation and retargeting platforms), dedicated Professional Services teams, advanced automation features, multi-country and multi-language support, competitive pricing, and robust reporting and analytics tools, making it the ideal choice for e-commerce businesses that want to optimise their campaigns and drive sales across multiple channels!

Lengow vs. Shopping Feed: different points of comparison

Shopping Feed comes with certain limitations that businesses should be aware of to make an informed decision:

  • First, the overall back-end of the platform is not intuitive and is quite technical (according to reviews on G2 and Capterra), which could result in a steep learning curve for users. 
  • Additionally, the solution lacks a repricing tool or strong partnerships with third-party repricing providers, which could limit the platform’s ability to adapt to changes in the market and respond to competitor pricing strategies. 
  • The platform also struggles to accommodate customers with larger catalogues of more than 80,000 SKUs, which could be a major drawback for larger businesses. 
  • Although the solution claims to offer international marketplace support, its new developments and efforts seem to be mainly focused on French marketplaces, which may limit its ability to cater to a global audience. 
  • Integration with Zalando is reported to be poor, and the platform lacks several major integrations for product ads, retargeting and affiliate marketing such as TikTok and RTB House. This could limit your ability to reach a wider audience and generate traffic and sales.

Finally, the platform’s less powerful features may result in reduced automation and accuracy of product content which could lead to increased manual work and a higher risk of errors, negatively impacting the overall efficiency of the platform.

Here is a quick comparison of our main functionalities and services:

Ecommerce / PIM / 3rd party WordPress, Magento,
Prestashop, Shopify
Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Shopware,
Woocommerce, Big Commerce,
Salesforce CC, Akeneo
# Marketplaces 200+ marketplaces 200+ marketplaces
# Acq. channels 800 channels 1,600 channels
Support +++ +++
Prof. Services No Technical / Operating / Training)
Platform UX ++ +++
Categories & Attributes mapping ++ +++
Filtering & Rules No profitability rules on Acq. Channels,
no duplication rules
Powerful calculation rules
Segmentation Yes Yes
Additional Sources Yes Yes
My Custom Channel (equivalent) Yes Yes
Error resolution ++ ++
Alerting system +++ ++
Feed/Stock update frequency Limited frequency update No limitation
Fulfilment management ++ ++
Order Management +++ +++
Refund Management ++ +++
Return Management + +
Reporting & Dashboards ++ +++ with Netrivals
Competitor Monitoring Very simple. Benchmark feature Yes with Netrivals
Repricing No Yes with Netrivals

Why is Lengow a suitable Shopping Feed alternative?

Lengow is an effective option for businesses seeking a comprehensive end-to-end feed management platform that offers advanced automation features.

With its strong technical expertise, Lengow can deliver a high level of service that surpasses what is offered by Shopping Feed. The solution provides technical expertise, with a rigorous technical team and a presales team that really adds value in framing technical subjects. Businesses can trust that their technical needs will be expertly addressed.

Furthermore, Lengow has a significant footprint across Europe (with 200+ European marketplaces and 1600 international marketing channels) and has successfully supported clients such as Nespresso and Liu Jo in their international development. The platform also benefit from a notable reputation with big references, while Shopping Feed is often seen as a more localised, French platform.

In addition, Lengow provides with Netrivals a powerful repricing tool and market intelligence, which are essential features for businesses looking to optimise their sales strategy. 

Finally, Lengow’s business strategy and support offerings are comprehensive. The solution offers a dedicated Customer Success Manager, short SLAs for support, and a full range of Professional Services. This ensures businesses receive personalized support, timely issue resolution, and tailored services to achieve their goals.

Overall, Lengow’s broader channel coverage, advanced automation capabilities, superior features and services make it the ideal choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive feed management solution.

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Sophie Evans

Sophie is Lengow's marketplaces and product ads specialist with many years of experience in the e-commerce sector at various companies!

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