+ 15% of Turnover with Amazon A+ Content Pages, is it possible?


Amazon is the uncontested world leader in e-commerce. Nevertheless, standing out on the Amazon marketplace is not easy. Many sellers are present in this marketplace and a multitude of products are proposed. In order to make sales, a seller must first and foremost make his product visible and stand out from this very tough competition.

But how to do it?

VNC online has collaborated with Lengow to offer you a 100% free ebook which you can find at the end of this article. It brings together all our advice and practical tips for increasing your sales on Amazon thanks to A+ Content Pages. 

In this present article, you will learn what an Amazon A+ page is, what its benefits are, and how to create some to boost your Amazon sales.

What is an A+ Content Page?

On Amazon, a classic product sheet remains limited when it comes to describing your product. A detailed description limited to 2000 characters and a few bullet points is sometimes not enough to convince a potential customer to buy your product.

To help you create more content, Amazon provides a powerful tool for professional sellers: A+ content.

While creating an immersion in the brand’s universe, A+ content allows you to add textual and visual content to your product sheets. This enhanced description of your products allows you to highlight their benefits and features. This visual and enriched content captures the attention of customers and encourages them to stay on your product page.

contenu a+ examples

What are the benefits of the A+ page for your products?

  • Stand out from the competition by describing your product attributes in a different way. The A+ page helps you stand out from the competition by offering customers a unique and engaging experience. It attracts more customers and therefore potentially increases sales.
  • Attracting and capturing the customer’s attention effectively.
  • Accelerate the decision process and the act of purchase. It also builds customer confidence by providing detailed product information. This increases conversion rates and builds a loyal customer base.

How to proceed?

The A + content exists in 2 versions: 

  • A+ Basic 
  • A+ Premium

To be eligible, you must be listed on Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central and be registered with the Brand Registry.

The most important thing is to create a real content strategy to maximise your chances of achieving your goals. There are different ways to promote your products or your brand. Here are three strategies you can use for your A+ content:

  • Designing unique A+ pages for each product 
  • Create generic A+ content for all products
  • Selecting certain product sheets to be optimised for Page A+

Each strategy will depend on your situation and needs.

Find out more about these strategies and all our tips and guidelines in our free downloadable ebook.

Don’t wait any longer, to conquer Amazon.

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Nicolas Venaut

Nicolas Venaut is the founder and CEO of the agency VNC online. Based in Paris since 2010, VNC online is an agency specialising 100% in marketplaces and Amazon. It supports brands, manufacturers, and retailers in three main areas: search engine optimization (SEO) of products via content creation, search engine advertising (SEA) via marketing campaigns, and fulfilment. Its technical expertise in LENGOW allows it to have a 360° vision to support a client from A to Z, from the data feed from e-stores to the integration and optimisation of products.

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