YOOX: the leading marketplace for Fashion and Design


This week, we caught up with YOOX, the leading e-commerce webstore for Fashion and Design. YOOX shared with us why they took the step to launch their online marketplace in January 2022, and tips for brands and retailers wishing to perform on the marketplace.

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You have launched, in January 2022, your online marketplace. What was it that prompted you to take this step, from a pure online store to a global marketplace?

Since its launch in 2000, YOOX has continually evolved to always be at the forefront of innovation and technology. This adoption of the new model is a continuation of our first-party platform as part of our progression towards a hybrid operating model.  YOOX continues to explore and develop new ways of working, to provide exceptional services to our customers and brand partners and remains committed to the continued evolution and development of all aspects of its business.

We’re excited about continuing to work with the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands, existing partners, and new ones, to bring customers a world beating offer. 

Could you tell us a bit more about YOOX marketplace? Which markets do you operate in? What are the specificities of your marketplace that make you stand out?

We launched the YOOX marketplace in January 2022 in almost 30 countries across Europe. In addition to our highly curated brand portfolio, the marketplace gives our customers instant access to a wider product assortment including over 700 brands and 150,000 items across jewellery, ready to wear, accessories and footwear. This increased assortment also includes selections from some of the most renowned retailers in the fashion and streetwear industry. Customers also benefit from more frequent store updates and an increasingly varied assortment designed to enrich the shopping experience.

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Which merchants or brands can sell on YOOX’s marketplace? Are there any specific requirements that need to be observed?

As a lifestyle store for timeless fashion, design and art we make sure we offer our millions of customers a unique shopping experience, also on our marketplace. For this reason, we provide our sellers editorial guidelines to make sure they integrate perfectly in the YOOX experience with curated pictures and descriptions.

What tips do you have for brands and retailers who want to start selling on YOOX?

Our brand partners have the opportunity to represent their brands at best to our extremely loyal customer base and when selling to a premium segment, good content makes the difference. For example, impactful product images and detailed descriptions, in line with our guidelines, allow to increase conversion rate. Know the platform where you’re selling your product. Experience YOOX and its shopping journey. See which competitors are selling on the platform.

Sustainability is definitely another key element which we prioritise when choosing our sellers. 

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Finally, what are some things you’re looking forward to in the future? Any development or launch we need to keep an eye on?

We are constantly working to enhance our customers’ shopping experience on YOOX. Our marketplace allows brands to connect with consumers directly, using our platform and infrastructure to reach new shoppers throughout Europe and we plan to continue rolling this out to other regions and categories. Stay tuned!

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Marion Lomenech

Marketing Product Specialist @ Lengow

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