New Lengow Module for WooCommerce (WordPress)


[This is the third in a series of articles regarding new Lengow modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Today we present the Lengow Plugin for WooCommerce from WordPress.]

Following numerous requests and suggestions from our merchants, the Lengow team conducted a major overhaul of the Lengow export modules Prestashop and Magento. A Brand new module is also available for WooCommerce in order to facilitate product exportation for e-merchants using WordPress.

New WooCommerce Module

Access export settings

As Lengow is an additional feature of WooCommerce, every e-merchant using WordPress can access the import and export options for the Lengow module in “WooCommerce”> “Lengow Settings”.

It is now very easy to configure the export settings using this new plugin designed for the WordPress interface. After entering your account details (client ID, group ID and API key) and the authorised IP addresses to access your product feeds, you can choose the items to export using the “Export” tab.

Export Settings

Configuring your Lengow export settings in WooCommerce for WordPress has been simplified to provide maximum clarity and efficiency. You can now:

  • Export all products
  • Export inactive products,
  • Automatically export new products,
  • Export declined products,
  • Export product specifications,
  • Select the type and number images
  • Export to a file

With this new plugin, you can instantly see the result of your export by clicking the “Export” link at the bottom of the tab.

Export formats in WooCommerce

In your WooCommerce back office, you can select the following export formats: CSV, XML, JSON or YAML. We advise you to use the CSV format.

Selecting exportable items

With this new Lengow module, you can now choose the items that you want to export in your flow, rather than exporting all items and removing them afterwards.

You select the type and number of products to be exported in the final flow for every type of flow and every distributer.

Select the characteristics of products to be exported:

The team Lengow have made it possible for merchants to access the main features used in the selection of products to be exported.

In case of doubt, a tooltip (indicated in the green box above) gives you more information about the option.

Note: To do a partial selection, be sure to uncheck the option “Export all products” in your default options. (in the red box above)

Importing intergrated orders

For the Lengow plugin to be complete, we integrated the import settings of your orders. These are now configurable from your WooCommerce module (tab “Lengow Settings”, then “Import”). This allows you to select the name of the different order statuses according to the customary practice in your WooCommerce administration interface.

Via the Import tab of the module, you can also:

  • Select the payment method that will be used for the order.
  • Select the default carrier,
  • Indicate the number of days of orders in the export list
  • Change prices: If you apply different prices on the marketplaces and on your website,
  • Change the products: To change orders containing out-of-stock or desactivated products
  • Reactivate the import in case of a blocked import.

Note that a manual import command is also possible directly via the Lengow API.

Automatic orders

It is also possible to use WordPress’ CRON tasks to do automatic import commands at scheduled times. You can then set the frequency of the automatic import of orders from your WooCommerce back office to Lengow interface.

Migrating Feeds

It is sometimes necessary to migrate your feeds. In this case, it is imperative to ensure that the destination stream contains the same information as the original source stream. For this, the Lengow module allows you to migrate one or all feeds at once to their new destination.

Lengow statistics in WooCommerce

The new module also allows you to view your main profitability indicators directly within your WordPress dashboard and to select the variable to be displayed (clicks, sales, ROI, sales, etc.).

You can now try the new Lengow the modules for WooCommerce, Magento or Prestashop, which now offer many attractive features for online merchants.

Download Lengow’s WooCommerce module

The new Lengow module for WooCommerce (WordPress) is already available. You can download it from the Lengow site. If you have any questions regarding them, please do not hesitate to contact our technical and support teams.

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