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At Lengow, we work hard to understand what our clients need and how they use our platform to ensure we deliver the best features on the market.

To help brands and retailers thrive and grow with Lengow, we have to understand consumers. You know—those people that make your company a success! In case you missed my workshop at Lengow Day, in today’s article, I’m going to walk you through how I, as a consumer, shop… (Video in text.)

Sneaker addict

It’s a bit cliché, but I’ll be honest. I love shoes! I’m always following the latest sneaker trends.

I’m currently looking to buy something white and sleek. I’ve been hesitating between a few pairs the past few days. I particularly like one pair that I found on Pinterest and Instagram. I created an alert on Zalando in case the brand has a sale. I also checked out the brand’s online store but let’s be clear, I’m pretty fickle and I’m going to browse on Google and my favourite marketplaces before buying. I expect to find the same level of detail on all these platforms.

It’s important to see quality pictures when I’m looking for a new pair of shoes. To make my decision I need full information and to see what my future sneakers look like when they’re being worn, from all angles in high quality pictures.

My desire for new shoes is limitless… but my bank account isn’t. So, I’m all in for discounts! And I don’t know about you, but when I buy online, I’m the impatient type, and want them right away. Since my schedule is quite busy, if a seller provides Click & Collect delivery in the shop near my office, then we have a deal!

66% of buyers say a frustrating website experience damages their opinion of the brand, while 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.

So, that was easy enough to follow, right? Perfect presentation of products, a frictionless shopping experience and one happy, satisfied customer. The dream! Yet you and I know it’s quite complicated to achieve.

Our goal at Lengow is to help you simplify the task process, avoid friction points and provide your clients the perfect shopping experience.

So, what does this mean for your business?!

Now that I’m done digressing about my shopping addiction, let’s get back to the point. Your e-commerce business is performing ok. Maybe you have a retail network, but you’re hoping to reach a broader audienceIt’s decided! Next month you’re going to be visible on marketplaces, on Google’s Local Ads and on Instagram’s Product Ads.

1/ Gather all the essential data

Your first challenge is to gather all the essential data to put your products online on all the different channels.

  • You already have this data for your e-commerce site, but does the format fit the marketplaces’ requirements?
  • Do you want to synchronise your stock between your retail stores and online sales? 
  • Your cold data (manufacturer, composition, dimensions, etc.) is integrated into your PIM, but what about your fluctuating hot data (prices, stocks, etc.)? Are they included in your e-commerce solution?

Lengow is able to collect all the data that characterises your product, whether centralised or coming from multiple sources (PIM connectors, CMS, APIs, Analytics or from a simple Excel sheet). Your data is transformed into a standardised catalogue, ready to be published online.

2/ Optimise, optimise, optimise!

Once this data has been compiled, our platform will help you enrich and optimise it. You are going to publish quality data and you are going to do it so quickly and easily! Don’t worry, the information you modify on Lengow does not impact the details on your own site: this is the time to vary your descriptions, titles and prices to test different texts on different sales channels.

Lengow gives you access to +1600 marketing channels. Depending on your activity, on your targeted geographical markets, the ad format you wish to use… we will guide you so that you can choose the channels the most suited to your product, where it will seduce the most buyers!

Now that you’ve made your choices, let’s get back to our shoe. In an automated way and for each chosen chanel, Lengow will help you to: 

  • Exclude a part of your collection because you want your e-commerce store to have the exclusivity on your newest models,
  • Segment your catalogue so that:
    • Products where large discounts can be applied get sent to flash sales website like Veepee and Privalia,
    • Stock surplus on specific models get sent to Amazon,
    • New models get sent to the marketplace Zalando.

Place your sneaker in the right category so that users can find it when they activate search filters,

  • Fill the characterising attributes: for example, do your colours differ from the ones proposed by Google? Don’t worry, our “conversion list” tool allows you to easily match your colors to those expected by the marketing channel,
  • Define rules to estimate shipping costs or convert prices in £,
  • Apply a promotional offer on a marketplace without changing the price on your e-commerce site.

3/ Automate and let Lengow take care of the rest!

Play with your data, and make it shine – just like you would for a product showcased in-store!

We built Lengow so that you can optimise your feeds in an intuitive way, without calling on your technical teams for help. We have an automation library full of use cases and processes to help you automate your activity.

Check the marketplace and see if the initial settings are bearing fruit! Your shoes are now visible on several marketplaces and orders are pouring in.

On Lengow, your orders from the different marketplaces are centralised in one place: you can process them directly from this interface but also send them to your logistics tools, CMS, ERP. Whether by API or connectors, we synchronise your stock levels and the actions you take on orders (accept, refuse, ship, etc.).

As far as your acquisition channels are concerned, follow the performance indicators from our platform. Notice high click rates on the sports category of your shoes while the junior category is underperforming?! Why don’t you try something new with your bids? Add your statistics from Google Analytics to consolidate your choice to publish only your high-margin products for example.


Lengow is your best ally


These are just a few examples of optimisations on our platform. Lengow gives you the key to make informed decisions, based on your business and your KPIs in real-time. Your marketing and e-commerce teams have full autonomy and complete control on our platform.

Lengow’s strong establishment within the e-commerce ecosystem allows your product data, order information and statistics to flow between all your tools without any of them losing their independence.

So much more than just a feed management platform, Lengow is a data catalyst, an e-commerce automation platform, and the answer to your biggest business challenges (notoriety, growth, international, efficiency, etc.)

In other words, we’re your best ally in the face of an increasingly complex and competitive environment, and an indispensable collaborator in the face of an ever-changing world.


So, when you’re preparing your next promotional campaign and wondering if a photo from a different angle or detail about the material is important, think of me: I need all this data to be convinced, to be sure I’m making the right choice and to be satisfied with my purchase. And I’m counting on you to achieve my new look! 

Want more advice from leading industry experts? Check out the replays of workshops from the likes of Botify, Joom, Pinterest, Allegro, Rakuten, among many more!

Sophie L.

Customer Success Manager - LENGOW

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