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Today, we catch up with Rebeca Lamata Chiva, Spanish Business Development Team Manager at Lengow!

1/ Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Rebeca Lamata Chiva, I’m Spanish, from Valencia! I have been living in Paris since January 2013 and I’ve been working at Lengow as Business Developer since the end of 2017.

I have previously worked in different companies, always in the e-commerce sector, but it was at Lengow that I wanted to develop professionally. I have had the opportunity to work in different markets and I am now Team Leader of the Spanish team. My job is to accompany, train and coach my team on a daily basis in order to continue Lengow’s development in this region.

2/ What does your job consist of?

The New Biz (New Business) team aims to generate growth to boost Lengow’s expansion in France and across the world. We are in permanent contact with companies to analyse their current and future problems and needs to help them best carry out their online sales activity and present them with our solution which will help and support them in their daily life.

3/ Who do you work with internally?

We collaborate with all departments in the company (from Communications and Marketing teams to the Tech and Administration teams for example). It is part of our mission to follow the technical developments and the Product team’s roadmap. It is also our responsibility to ensure our new customers are properly onboarded and that our existing customers are satisfied, in conjunction with the Customer Success team.

We could not achieve these objectives without collaborating well with the other departments.

4/ And externally?

It depends on the size of the company. Sometimes we are in direct contact with the CEOs for companies in a growth phase for example, or we may be in direct contact with e-commerce managers or operational managers when the company is a larger one.

The position of the decision-makers varies according to the internal organisation and the size of the company.

5/ What tools do you use?

Internally we mainly use our CRM (Salesforce) for the planning and follow-up of our weekly activities. It is an indispensable tool that helps us to do our work better and to monitor our prospect and customer base daily. This base is fed by tools such as LinkedIn, e-commerce events (physical or digital), and good old search engines. Everything is useful to enlarge our professional circle!

Of course, we also use the Lengow platform to carry out demos, as well as the internal e-learning tool “Lengow Academy” to better train ourselves on the new features of our platform and the evolution of the e-commerce market.

6/ Finally, what is the biggest challenge of your job?

We face different challenges at each stage of the sales cycle. In my opinion, the challenge is to quickly create a bond of trust with each contact. To be the answer to their needs and to be a source of proposals to develop and accompany them on their projects.

Naomi Botting

Senior Communications Manager - UK, Northern Europe, China

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