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According to Forrester 66% of e-commerce sales will be made via marketplaces by 2020. At Lengow, we’re constantly expanding our platform, adding new marketplaces to meet consumers purchasing habits and to enable our customers to sell their products to new audiences every day.

In this article, we run down all the marketplaces—both generalist and specialised—that have joined our platform in recent months.


Poland’s leading e-commerce platform Allegro attracts more than 17 million customers to its platform every month, with 1.3 billion searches performed. To enable sellers to offer the right products in the right place, Allegro.pl offers a wide choice of categories: Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Grocery, Babies and Toys, Health and Beauty, Culture and Entertainment, DIY & Collections, Office Supplies, Sports & Leisure, Automobile… it’s no surprise that 1.2 million products are sold every day on the platform.

Additional services are also available to sellers to promote their products: ‘Allegro Ads’ (product advertising), ‘Digital Advertising’ (brand promotion), ‘Allegro Smart!’ (paid loyalty program), ‘Super Seller’ (service reserved for Allegro’s top sellers), etc.

If you want to sell your products in Poland on Allegro via Lengow, read our guide:


The marketplace Worten has over 19 million page views per month and 200,000 daily shoppers. Initially launched on the Portuguese market, the marketplace was then deployed in Spain and hosts more than 30 product categories within its platform.

A key player in the Portuguese electronics industry, Worten has 3.5 million monthly buyers (both online and offline) and offers an all-round experience for consumers.

Allegro has more than 200 physical stores in Portugal and Spain. These stores act as a collection point (with a Click & Collect service that represents more than 45% of orders placed on the site), but also as a space to order products online. This activity currently represents 12% of Worten’s sales.

To stand out, Worten provides its sellers with various promotional tools:

  • Deal of the day: highlight a product for 24 hours on the home page and newsletters,
  • Localized ads: highlight your brand or a selection of products on the home page, the category page or the flash sales pages,
  • Newsletters: promote your products,
  • Social networks: boost the visibility of your marketing campaigns on Allegro’s Instagram, Facebook or YouTube pages,
  • Google Shopping: include your best promotions in Google Shopping campaigns.

If you want to sell your products in Portugal and Spain on Worten via Lengow, check out our guide:

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Launched in Latvia, the mobile marketplace Joom now operates throughout Europe and has a catalogue of more than 10 million products in several categories: Clothing and accessories, Electronics, Homeware, Automobiles, Bags and luggage, Stationery, Tea, etc.

Combining mobile and social commerce, Joom offers a unique shopping experience to its 200 million users worldwide who carry out +1 million transactions per day.


Joom also provides sellers the opportunity to boost their sales via promotional activities, available in several countries. Vendors based in France, Russia and Turkey, can set up the following promotions:

  • Limited time offer: buyers benefit from a discount on certain products for one hour.
  • Freebies and reviews: this program promotes both new products and products that are difficult to sell by offering gifts to customers (lottery).
  • “Guess the price”: this promotional game that asks buyers to estimate the approximate price of a product. The winner benefits from a range of discounted products for 24 hours.

If dealers sell successfully on JOOM, the marketplace might also include them in the ‘best products’ tab. This is the first tab that visitors see when they open the mobile marketplace.

If you want to sell your products on Joom via Lengow, discover our guide to the platform:

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Of Dutch origin, the Bol.com marketplace boasts 10 million customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, who shop a wide range of products in the following categories: Books, Games & Entertainment, Electronics, Animals, Home, Sport, Fashion & Baby, among others.

Leader in the Benelux e-commerce market, Bol.com focuses on the last mile in its differentiation strategy. For example, the marketplace delivers the same day for an order placed before 3pm, but also in the evening and on Sundays to meet consumers’ growing demand for immediacy.

To offer more visibility to its sellers, Bol.com offers various promotional functions:

If you want to sell your products in the Netherlands and Belgium with Bol.com via Lengow, discover our guide here:

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Fruugo counts more than 1.5 million buyers worldwide. Present in 46 markets, the English marketplace helps merchants conquer new markets and reach new buyers around the world. Currently, over 10 million products are sold on the platform in the following categories: Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Clothing, Home and garden, Kids & Toys, Electricals, Food & Drink.

Fruugo does not yet offer promotional tools to its sellers but provides the possibility to be visible through its advertising campaigns.

If you want to sell your products on Fruugo with Lengow, discover our guide:

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Want to get started selling on these marketplaces? Visit our platform or get in touch with our team:


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