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In ever increasing numbers, e-merchants use Amazon marketplace to develop the visibility of their product catalog on the Internet, but need to behave impeccably to maintain their position as vendors on the platform. This is reflected in the quality of the product feed sent to Amazon in order to avoid the risk of errors preventing publication of your products on the marketplace.

As an Amazon seller, you must first complete all the data required by the marketplace, in order to minimize the number of errors in your product catalog, while respecting the valid values expected for certain attributes. Be aware that a bad configuration of your product catalog may cause you to receive a number of errors via the marketplace integration reports. Let’s take a look at what errors 8541/8542, 5000, 90057, 8560 and 99010 are and what actions need to be taken within Lengow and / or Amazon Seller Central to resolve them.

[This article is the subject of a second part to offer you an even more exhaustive list of the errors that you can come up against on Amazon].

Error 8541/8542: Your Product ID conflicts with Amazon’s ASIN

If you receive an error code 8541 or 8542, this means that there was an error in the field matching step. This happens especially when the EAN code (European Article Number) of your product already exists within Amazon but the other information present in your catalog (e.g. title, brand, color, …) does not match the data already collected by the marketplace.

Amazon then questions the correctness of the products transmitted and cannot therefore provide an internal ASIN identifier for your product (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Remember, each product created on Amazon has its own ASIN to allow the marketplace to group merchants under the same product sheet.

Note: this error may be related to the recycling of UPC or EAN by manufacturers.

To resolve this error, you need to verify that the ASIN suggested by Amazon matches your product.*

If the ASIN fits your product, there are two ways to resolve this error. Move closer to the information held by the marketplace by modifying the values that Amazon finds problematic (for example with our automated rules tool), or force the publication by entering the ASIN indicated by Amazon. Finally, if the ASIN does not match your product, we recommend that you contact Amazon support directly.

*by looking at whether the information provided by Amazon matches your product, or by viewing the product directly on the marketplace by entering the ASIN in your browser.

Error 5000: the format of your product feed is not correct

If you receive an error 5000 in your integration report, it means your XML document is in the wrong format or is invalid. In the second case, you must verify that your document does not contain invalid values or that it does not have a duplicate SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) on the same product feed.

Note: each product must have a unique SKU.

To avoid this type of error, take the time to check this information during the preview stage available on our platform before sending your product feed to Amazon.

Error 90057: there are invalid values in your feed

The error code 90057 means there are invalid values in one of the fields of your XML file. To resolve this error, associate your fields with valid values accepted by Amazon during the field matching step using the attribute definitions available on the Matching Attributes.

Error 8560: mandatory data is missing

Error 8560 reveals that at least one piece of mandatory information related to your product is missing, preventing Amazon from integrating it into its marketplace. In order for your product to be sold on Amazon, you must fill in the missing value in your Amazon feed. This might be an EAN code, the brand, or the type of product.

EAN codes are required when publishing your products on Amazon and are used by the marketplace for unique identification of the products. If you are a distributor, obtain the EAN of your products from your supplier. Conversely, if you make your own products, you must buy EAN codes.

The brand is an essential element in the Amazon matching since it allows a consistency check of the EAN in case of matching doubts.

Finally, the product type variable can become mandatory depending on the universe. This defines a category type other than those requested when matching the fields. For more information, see the allowed values in the Amazon “Inventory Loader File Template” on Sellercentral.

Error 99010: A value is missing from a required fields

Error 99010 tells you that a value is missing in one or more fields required for this group. When the value of at least one attribute in a group is missing or contradictory in a conditional field, the whole set is rejected.

To remedy this problem, make sure that all the attributes of a group have valid values and then resend your feed. Amazon also provides sellers with the “Check My File Amazon” feature to check and correct your feed before sending it.

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