How the auto industry is marking its place in e-commerce


Long confined to the physical market, the automotive industry is gradually going digital, enabling new sources of growth for players in the sector. Between challenges and opportunities, discover how to get started selling your products online with Lengow by easily and automatically presenting your entire auto part range to the widest possible audience.

How many car models or parts should you sell? How do you give visibility to your products? How do you respond to the buying habits of consumers online? Whatever your field of activity in the auto industry, Lengow helps manage your product catalogues. Here are a few examples of how you can use our platform to offer a unified and quality buying experience to e-shoppers.

Retargeting campaigns

If a buyer has shown interest in your products without completing their purchase, opt for retargeting campaigns and distribute your offer on one of our partner channels such as Criteo, Facebook Dynamic Ads and Google Ads remarketing. To go further, automate your ad campaigns in Lengow, so that they are automatically complemented by the text in your product catalogue. For example, a car rental company that offers a large number of car models for rent in many countries can save precious time by putting their advertising campaigns online.

To optimise your advertising campaigns, use our “Additional Sources” feature to add specific data to your product catalogue: margins, stocks, competitors’ prices, etc. Then, segment your ads and activate the automatic bidding options according to the custom labels that you have set up in your product catalogue.

Personalisation of product data

Norauto lowered its acquisition costs by an average of 20% on price comparators.

In addition to facilitating the set up of a product feed that has to respect the requirements of each distribution partner, our platform also allows auto players to be autonomous in their product feed management via the feature “My Custom Channel“. This is the case for Norauto, who distributes more than 300,000 products with Lengow. The specialist in auto maintenance and equipment uses My Custom Channel to create new fields within its product catalogue, without having to rely on their technical department. For example, if Norauto sends Lengow a non-optimized “title” field, they can add the brand in the title directly from our platform. Norauto currently distributes its products on several marketing channels in Europe (Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, price comparison sites, marketplaces, retargeting and affiliation platforms), by quickly connecting to these channels via API.

eBay: the marketplace for your car parts

Leader in the automotive parts market in the UK, eBay allows equipment manufacturers, garages, wholesalers, distributors, etc. to sell their products in more than 190 countries. In 2019, the marketplace sold more than 2.5 million car parts and every month, listings are displayed to 12 million unique visitors a month on eBay Motors. Among the most ordered eBay products are accessories (carpets, tow bars, cleaners, etc.), tyres and rims, as well as spare parts.

If you want to publish car parts on eBay, you can do so within our platform by adding a new attribute: the K type. This attribute is a universal code (like EAN codes) that allows the seller to indicate the compatibility of car parts with the corresponding car model. For example, if the buyer registers a 2004 Clio as a vehicle model, eBay will automatically display parts that are compatible with their vehicle.

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