New Features For Your E-commerce Business: Lengow’s Latest Product Releases


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve necessitates constant evolution and innovation. As an integral part of your business strategy, harnessing new features for your e-commerce operations can mean the difference between leading the pack and playing catch-up.

With this in mind, Lengow has been hard at work, developing a suite of advanced platform features designed to streamline your business operations, enhance efficiency, and boost performance. 

Our latest product releases, crafted with your e-commerce needs at heart, offer a blend of sophistication and simplicity to transform your business. This article offers an in-depth exploration of Lengow’s most recent e-commerce features, marketplace integrations and price intelligence strategies, arming you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace.

Platform Features and Enhancements

Your publication: Bespoke and fully autonomous

Updating prices and stocks for some of your products shouldn’t halt your progress. You need the ability to swiftly and independently resend your catalogue to a marketplace or marketing channel.

Our latest enhancement empowers you to do just that. With an easy glance, you can check when the last automatic import occurred, and when the next one is scheduled. If that doesn’t suit your agenda, we have incorporated two fresh buttons allowing you to push your product feed and/or your offer feed at your convenience.* You also have real-time visibility on the countdown towards your next import!

*Please be aware that this functionality may not be available if the last automatic import was recent.

New Marketplaces And Countries Available

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Over the past few months, several new revenue-generating marketplace connections have been added to the Lengow platform. With this we stay true to our promise to quickly list and easily update your full product catalogue across Europe’s top marketplaces through one central platform to efficiently create greater reach and grow your online sales!

  • home24: A dedicated marketplace to Home & Living (furniture, home textiles, bathroom, kitchen) that attracts over 200,000 unique visitors a day and counts more than 2 million active customers! Find out more.
  • Truffaut: The French key marketplace for Home, Garden & Pet products with +30 million visitors per year, now live on Lengow! Find out more.
  • Vente-Unique: As one of the major Home, Garden & Furniture marketplaces in France, Italy and Spain, with 6 million monthly visits, Vente-Unique is now also available on Lengow. Find out more.
  • MediaMarktSaturn: The leading consumer electronics marketplace in Germany is now part of the Lengow portfolio, offering its unmatched selection and enjoying 94% of brand awareness in Germany! Find out more.

New markets and countries were also added for already connected marketplaces after strategic consideration.

  • Maisons du monde: The German attributes have been added to the marketplace structure in Lengow, paving the way for its upcoming launch in Germany in July. Check multi-country settings on Maisons du Monde here.
  • Veepee: The Fashion marketplace is now available for Spain, Belgium and Italy! Settings can be duplicated when adding a new country. Find out more in our Veepee guide.
  • Leroy Merlin: The leading DIY marketplace is now also available for Portugal! More information in the dedicated guide.
  • ManoMano Pro (B2B): 4 new countries are now available if you are a B2B seller and want to sell your products on ManoMano Pro: Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.

Lengow Platform Marketplace Updates

And existing marketplace integrations have been updated to continue to run smoothly. Multilingual Order Support

We’re pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our order API. The “languages” field is now available for your utilization, particularly beneficial if you cater to a multi-country customer base via This innovative feature allows you to effortlessly incorporate language-specific details in your packages, ensuring necessary documents are included and your customers’ language preferences are respected.


Fnac/Darty: Unified Connector

We’ve brought together the Fnac (French and Belgian) and Darty marketplaces into a single platform. In light of this unification, Lengow introduced a novel Darty connector on May 23rd. Further details are available on our Help Center News.


eBay: Enhanced Shipping Address Access

We’re delighted to notify you of a considerable enhancement to our eBay connector. This advancement allows us to extract precise information from the API, including the shipping address.


Otto: Order API v4 Upgrade

The recently added “Discount Amount” feature in Otto Order API v4 is now accessible via Lengow. This update aims to simplify the discount offering process, enabling you to specify the discount amount directly within the Lengow platform. : Retailer API Transition

Lengow transitioned to the new v8 version of Retailer API on April 6th, 2023.


ManoMano’s New Orders API Integration

ManoMano launched a novel Orders API on May 10th, 2023, which is now compatible with Lengow. To take advantage of this new Orders API, remember to input your API Key and Contract ID in your feed settings before June 6th.


Magento 2 Update

The plugin is now compatible with versions 2.3.7 through 2.4.5 of Magento 2. For additional information, refer to our article on our Help Center.

Netrivals: New Features For Your E-commerce Business


Netrivals x Lengow: Infuse Your Catalogues with Price Intelligence

Experience an unparalleled edge with the seamless integration of Netrivals into Lengow, allowing you to dynamically segment and reprice your products in alignment with market competition. Effortlessly append Netrivals data to any Lengow Catalogue via our supplementary source feature. This will improve your competitiveness, reduce costs and maximize profits! Learn more.

Introducing the Next Generation of Netrivals Dynamic Pricing

We’re thrilled to roll out the next phase of Dynamic Pricing for all Netrivals customers. This cutting-edge feature enables you to craft conditional pricing rules, offering you the flexibility to tweak your prices in response to various elements, including conversion rates, Google Analytics views, and inventory status.

New Tools For An Enhanced Experience

Master Class: Embark on our Master Class sessions, designed to provide swift, pragmatic tips and insights on harnessing the full potential of the Lengow platform:

  • Product highlights (demos, advice, and tips)
  • Expert-led discussions
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute webinars

Lengow Product Showcase: Uncover the potent solutions offered by Lengow’s platform for your e-commerce challenges in less than 10 minutes. Learn more.

Explore Our Renewed Help Center: Get acquainted with the enhanced version of your Lengow Help Center, redesigned to accelerate your access to crucial information. Join us for a concise 2-minute guided exploration.

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