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[Updated 01/06/2020] Our team is by your side to accompany you in the revival of your business activity. Haven’t taken advantage of our offer yet? Try our platform for free, or benefit from new marketplaces and added functionalities. Offer lasts until 30th June 2020. To find out more, contact our team.

Lengow was born out of the 2008 economic crisis. Our vision was to enable retailers and brands to sell their products where their customers and future customers were, offering them better agility thanks to adapted tools.

This vision hasn’t changed, and in these troubled times, thanks to our platform’s advanced automation features, we can help optimize marketing budgets and distribution on major marketplaces, and support affected e-commerce and marketing teams.

In these moments, Lengow’s raison d’être becomes even more meaningful.

As we know, resources, both human and financial, are at the heart of our clients’ concerns and this has become more pronounced in recent days. However, e-commerce is today central to both consumers’ vital needs and more futile desires.

As a European player, we are in the eye of the storm. However, our experience with our clients based in China has allowed us to measure this situation for several weeks now to best anticipate its effects (and also to keep hope!). This has required and still requires a singular organization as a company, but also an adaptation of our offer to provide the right tools and assistance to our brands, distributors, and partners.

This does not make the task any easier, but we do our utmost to meet the often complex demands of our customers. I would sincerely like to thank our teams for the work they do.

This commitment will continue until the end of June (and beyond if unfortunately necessary), with a massive investment to enable everyone to maintain and even accelerate their online activity, right now.

Today, Lengow would like to announce:

Access to three additional marketplaces for clients who are already on a marketplace plan. Access to three marketplaces to clients who don’t already have a plan.

Activation of new features to speed up the transmission of product data and orders from the different channels managed on the platform.

The launch of a free Lengow trial for companies that don’t yet have a Lengow account. (Offer valid until 30/06/2020)

Contact our team to benefit from these offers

We’d also like to invite companies within our ecosystem of partners, agencies, marketing channels, marketplaces, and solutions to join this movement—contact us so that we can share similar offers. We will make our marketing and sales resources available to be relayed.

So yes, we all hope this storm will pass—but in the meantime, all e-merchants, brands, agencies, big or small, we are here and we are fighting with you.

Mickael Froger, CEO

Mickael Froger

CEO @ lengow

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