Features to add to your e-commerce site in time for the holidays


Black Friday has come and gone which means time to properly prepare your website for the holiday season. To help with this, take a look at the apps available on our app store that will help you optimise your product catalogue in time for Christmas.

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[This is the seventh article in our series dedicated to the Lengow ‘App Store’ partners.]

According to data from the Independent, online spending in the UK is set to go up 11.8% from last year. Furthermore, adults will spend an average of £244 each on presents, 51.5% more than the European average of £160.82. To take advantage of this season of spending and increase your visibility, consider expanding points of contact by adding new features to your site.

Platforms like Early Birds, Reelevant, Commerce Connector and Curalate help retailers boost their visibility during the holiday season.

Early Birds

Early Birds is a predictive marketing platform allowing retailers to analyse buying behaviour on all devices in real-time. Therefore, retailers can personalise and optimise their customers’ buying journeys offering them the right product at the right time.

Early Birds features


Specialising in email, Reelevant allows sellers to create and adapt message content as soon as an email is opened, in real-time, for every recipient. Because of this personalised experience, sellers can increase engagement and even generate more sales.

reelevant features

Commerce Connector

Commerce Connector allows online retailers to add a ‘buy now’ buttons to their product pages and ads. As a result, consumers can see availability both in physical stores nearby and online.

Commerce Connector features


Curalate allows brands to use content generated by users on social platforms (photos, videos, etc), to help them sell more effectively on all of their marketing channels.

Curalate features

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