How Lengow’s Startup Spotlight will boost startups at #LengowDay


If you’re an entrepreneur who is still in the beginning stages of your startup’s development, you probably ask yourself many questions that start with “when” all the time.

“When will I find my next customer?”

“When will I find the right balance for my product so it can help users even more?”

“When will journalists and bloggers or the Product Hunt community start talking about my product?”

Or even…

“When will the coffee shop I am working out of finally speed up their incredibly slow internet connection?(??)”

Lengow cofounders Mickaël Froger and Jérémie Peiro—despite all the success and awards they’ve collected since they first started disrupting ecommerce around six years ago—feel your pain.

That’s why, after taking a chance and launching Lengow in a small living room in Nantes, France in July 2009, they are giving a platform to startups under two years old via the Startup Spotlight contest ( at Lengow Ecommerce Day (i.e. #LengowDay on Twitter) in Paris on June 2, 2015.

As the deadline for this contest approaches (April 22), this article takes a closer look at the big picture.

Startup Success

Froger has been a mentor to younger startup founders via various initiatives, from France to New York City, and now wants to help on a larger scale. He and the Lengow team are essentially giving the viewership of the community and client base that Lengow has grown since 2009 (around 700 etailers will attend Lengow Ecommerce Day) to a select few startups that will pitch on stage.

The audience at this year’s edition will also include global ecommerce leaders such as Alibaba (this conference will be its first appearance at an ecommerce event in France), Yandex.Market, VCs and leading tech journalists.

To further aid the startups selected to participate, Lengow is also offering them a free chance to provide product demonstrations and other key information at stands that will be visited by all of the above groups throughout the day-long conference.

After benefiting from the chance to speak at key conferences across Europe, Asia and the United States (such as Peiro’s keynote at La French Tech’s French Touch Conference in New York City, mentioned below), Lengow’s cofounders want to help the next wave of innovative startups reach a huge, yet targeted, audience.

Passing the torch

Froger and Peiro aren’t the only members of the Lengow team with years of experience in the startup world and a strong interest in helping newer startups reach new heights.

Lengow Marketing & Partnership Director Frédéric Clément, who previously played a big role in the pre-IPO growth of advertising giant Criteo (which is a Lengow Hub member), shares the “Pay It Forward” mentality. He created and launched the Lengow Hub during Lengow Ecommerce Day 2014 In Paris last April to accomplish goals like providing free promotion of startups that are assets to the online marketing and ecommerce sectors (such as Algolia, which was featured on the Lengow Blog recently).

“Lengow has always been very active in the startup world. With initiatives such as the Lengow Ecommerce Day, Startup Spotlight and our Lengow Hub, we want to give back to the community,” said Clément.

“Who knows, Startup Spotlight may help the startup world discover the next Algolia or Stripe.”

Further details on Startup Spotlight are available below and will be shared constantly via our Twitter page( in the coming weeks.

Elias Jabbe

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