How to boost your Black Friday campaigns with Lengow


Black Friday is only 3 weeks away! Start preparing your campaigns now with these 3 handy tips. Our account management team is here to help you.

Considering experts are predicting a global 14% year-on-year increase on Black Friday sales this year, with 24% of sales in the UK coming from overseas customers, there is no excuse not to get involved with this relatively new sales period. An American import, Black Friday has only been around in the UK for a couple of years, however it has very quickly taken hold. In 2016, online sales surpassed £6 billion over the week leading up to and including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, see how Lengow can help you prepare for it.

1. Expand your sales channels

Take advantage of the over 1800 channels Lengow offers you. Now is a good time to expand on different price comparison engines, such as Stylight, Twenga, Shopzilla or EBAY Commerce Network, (for a full list of channels, contact out accounts team) which can drive high quality traffic to your own online boutique as well as to different marketplaces. You can easily adapt your catalogue to new channels thanks to Lengow’s field matching and categories. Then, choose what products you want to push within Lengow and synchronise the indexations of your feeds with your product catalogue to easily deal with stock and orders coming from separate channels.


Also think about optimising your Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic ads campaigns, using the platforms’ Custom Labels features. They allow you to set up ad groups by segmenting your catalogue to match up with your commercial objectives. You can segment your catalogue within Lengow.  

2. Segment your catalogue

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Example of how you can segment your feeds within the Lengow platform

Segment your product feed within Lengow, so you can exclusively focus on the sale items that you want to push. By concentrating your resources on these goods you can increase your visibility on Google or Amazon, for example, by proposing higher CPC bids on these products. Furthermore, you can set specific rules for these segments that will simplify your tasks during the busy rush.

3. Create your automatic rules

10% sales
Example of a pricing automatic rule

You can start preparing your automatic rules now! Have everything set up to avoid any last minute panic. As examples, you can define title fields that are adapted to different channels’ categories, create pricing changes across your whole catalogue to reflect your Black Friday sale price or even create rules based on each product’s performance. Find out the full extent of rules available by contacting our team.

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Example of performance oriented segmentation

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Lengow can help you with all your sale-time needs. If you want to know more about how Lengow can help boost your Black Friday campaigns (as well as Christmas and January sales) and what channels work best for you in Germany, France, the UK, etc, contact the key accounts team here.

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