Why Kaymu is an ecommerce leader in Cameroon


Kaymu is the website of choice for online shoppers in a country in Central Africa that is enthusiastic about ecommerce: Cameroon.

The Rocket Internet-backed company, which is experiencing the same kind of impressive growth that another Rocket Internet ecommerce site (Jumia) but in a different way, allows for C2C (Consumer to Consumer sales).

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Cameroonian Commerce

Just like eBay and Taobao, it is possible for Kaymu users to sell all kinds of products to each other: from electronics to fashion products. Kaymu is also available elsewhere in Africa (Ivory Coast).

Candace Nkoth Bisseck, recently named #1 on the Forbes Africa’s Top 30 under 30 List, is a big part of Kaymu’s success in her role as Kaymu’s Cameroon Country Manager.

She recently took time from her hectic schedule of world travels to share Kaymu’s story with Lengow Blog readers.

What has driven your growth?

Kaymu Cameroon growth has been driven by a very active acquisition and education campaign towards sellers from the markets. Our sales team went on the field and managed to create hundreds of e-shops per month for these local traders. This allowed us to improve digital literacy among the locals, and to have one of the broadest offers of products in the Cameroonian ecommerce market.

Why is ecommerce popular in Cameroon, and why is C2C selling popular?

Ecommerce is popular in Cameroon due to two main factors. First, Cameroonians like shopping and good deals, and ecommerce allows them to do so from the comfort of their computer or their smartphone. Secondly, internet usages are developing faster than ever as there is now an operating 3G network and smartphones are less and less expensive.

What are your expectations for the future of ecommerce in Africa?

According to estimates, African ecommerce could reach $ 75 billion in annual transactions in 10 years from now. Beyond those figures, I strongly believe in its capability to boost local consumption, generate additional business, create employment and therefore more opportunities for Africans.

Kaymu team in Cameroon

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