Introducing Lengow Connect : 3 Questions for Jim Knopf


Our first Lengow Connect event will be held in Munich on 20th June. The first in a series of events aimed to discuss current and future trends, challenges and developments in the ecommerce world. It’s the ideal event that will bring together online retailers, decision-makers in the ecommerce industry and our partner solutions. Today, we’re bringing you a short interview with Jim Knopf, Managing Director Germany at Lengow and speaker at Lengow Connect.  


What can guests expect at Lengow Connect?

Lengow Connect has a multifaceted program that not only focuses on cross-border, but will also tackle user-generated content with Bazaarvoice and discuss the relevance of product data in affiliate marketing. Idealo will also give their insight on the German market. The goal is to provide our guests with quick tips and opportunities to generate and optimise sales both domestically and abroad.

One of the main topics at Lengow Connect is cross-border ecommerce. What are some of the known obstacles that online retailers face and which markets show the greatest potential?

From different currencies, languages, payment options and custom duties to ultimately different interests, there are various obstacles in cross-border ecommerce. Best selling products in Germany wouldn’t necessarily be best sellers everywhere, while poorly-performing products in Germany could be best-sellers in other countries. However, with the help of tools and intelligent tech solutions, cross-border is only a small step away!

When it comes to strategy, which marketing channels are the most important for extending your business transactions abroad, and why?

Experiences in the domestic market are very helpful in order to be able to thrive and survive abroad. The first step is to do your homework on the country you want to launch in. Once you have done extensive research, the journey across borders will be simple. Marketplaces will always be the main channels for cross-border transactions. From product searching, to completing payment, the entire transaction is carried out in an environnement which the consumer is familiar with.

Save the date!

Would you like to be a part of Lengow Connect in Munich on 20th June? Click here for the complete program and registration. There will be speakers from Lengow, Affilinet, Bazaarvoice, idealo Direktkauf, Keller Sports and TextMaster. It is free to register for Lengow Connect, however the number of places are limited, so register early to secure your place!

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