[Lengow Feature] Enrich your product catalogue with Google Analytics data


Google Analytics is every merchant’s ally, enabling brands and retailers to improve customers’ shopping experience and optimize your conversion funnel to increase sales. To enable you to build a successful acquisition strategy, Lengow has developed an application for Google Analytics. Read on to discover how it works within our platform.

Before going any further, you should first make sure your e-commerce site is connected to a Google Analytics account. When your account is connected, enable enhanced e-commerce under “E-commerce Settings” within Admin in order to retrieve information about your customers’ buying experience.

Add your Google Analytics data to your product catalogues

Available within our platform, the Google Analytics application retrieves your Analytics data and then links it to your product catalogue. Whether the data is linked to the performance of your products or the purchasing behaviour of your customers, it can be integrated into your catalogue: number of times the product has been added to the basket (Product adds to cart), payments (Product checkouts), Product detail views, Product list clicks, consultations of a list of products (Product list views), Product refund amount, Product refunds, Product removes from cart, click rates of the product list (Product list CTR), turnover per product and per purchase (Product revenue per purchase), Quantity, Product revenue, Quantity checked out, Quantity added to cart, Quantity refunded, Unique purchases, Buy-to-Detail Rate, Cart-to-Detail Rate, Cart-to-Detail Rate, amount of product refund in local currency (Local product refund amount).


By combining your product and performance data, you have a global view of your business and can proceed to set up automatic rules and exclusions to increase your sales and achieve your objectives:

Example 1: Encourage your customers to complete their purchase.
If your product has been removed from the shopping cart more than 100 times in the last 30 days (Product removes from cart), offer your customers free shipping to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Example 2: Boost the visibility of your bestsellers.
If your product has over 100 views (Product detail views) mention “Top product” in its title and add a custom label “Top Sales” to highlight it on your Google Shopping and AdWords campaigns.

Example 3: Avoid product returns and refunds.
If your product has been returned more than 10 times over the last 30 days (Product refunds), temporarily exclude it to take the time to rework your photos and descriptions and avoid paying the return fee.

How to install the Lengow application for Google Analytics?

To install Google Analytics, first go to our Lengow application gallery to connect your Google Analytics account to Lengow. Then, select the product catalogue within which you wish to add your additional Google Analytics data.


Once this step is completed, just configure a few parameters before using the Google Analytics application:

1/ Select the Analytics account, the e-commerce site concerned and the view,

2/ Specify the Google Analytics product reference field (ID, EAN,…),

3/ Choose up to 10 data to import.


Your settings are complete! Lengow will retrieve Analytics data from the last 30 days and add it as new fields in your catalogue daily. You’ll be able to find them in all your settings, such as automatic rules, exclusions, etc.

NB: You’ll find your Analytics data in the list of secondary sources.


Would you like to know more about our Lengow application for Google Analytics? Visit our platform or get in touch with our team:


Naomi Botting

Field Marketing Specialist

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