Google LIA Campaigns: How Decathlon Reduced its CPC by 49% with Lengow


The pandemic has had a profound impact on the way consumers shop, with the trend towards Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) or Click-and-Collect showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, searches for “buy nearby” have tripled in the past two years. In the coming year, local availability is poised to play a major role in purchasing decisions, as more and more consumers flock to the convenience of ordering online and picking up their purchases in-person at a nearby store. This presents a unique opportunity for local businesses to reach their audience through Local Inventory Ads (LIA), which allow them to showcase their products and offerings before customers make a decision. By leveraging the power of LIA, local businesses can increase their visibility and sales, tap into the growing trend of BOPIS and provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Through this article, we will show you how the leading sports brand DECATHLON, with the help of Lengow, was able to develop its online business and reconcile it with its offline business through Google LIA.

Challenges and Goals of DECATHLON Italy

DECATHLON Italy has been collaborating with Lengow since 2013 to streamline its e-commerce operations. Initially, the sports brand was relying on an agency and utilising several excel files, but the distribution of catalogues on acquisition channels still needed to be more manual and tedious. With the goal of expanding their online campaigns, improving conversion rates, and controlling costs, DECATHLON Italy embraced Lengow’s platform, carried out various implementations, and opened and configured new channels to achieve their desired outcomes.

Google LIA and solutions provided by Lengow

DECATHLON Italy uses Lengow’s services to distribute 200,000 products on 16 channels (like Shopalike, Criteo, Awin, Kelkoo…) in Italy, and Google LIA which they launched in May 2022 to boost web-to-store sales for their 140 physical stores. Lengow’s Professional Services helped DECATHLON optimise its catalogue of 3 million products in 4 months. With Google Analytics App and Segments, DECATHLON tracks revenue, limits acquisition costs, and showcases only the best products. They also use Automatic Rules and Filters for quick optimization and MyCustomChannel for data analysis and internal sharing. DECATHLON is very satisfied with the sales and support guidance received from Lengow and appreciates that deadlines were always consistently met.

We could never have developed so many online projects without Lengow and its automation platform. The Google LIA project was particularly challenging and Lengow really helped us in its implementation and in reaching the objectives we had set. Given the results obtained, we wish to continue our development with Lengow by pursuing new initiatives together.

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Benefits for DECATHLON Italy’s Business

Lengow has enabled DECATHLON Italy to launch on numerous channels, including Google LIA, in just four months, overcoming the challenge of technical issues and a large number of products. The results from LIA were exceptional, rejuvenating physical shops after the Covid period and demonstrating clear benefits through A/B tests with:

  • Reduced Cost Per Store Visit (-54%)
  • Reduced Cost Per Click (-49%),
  • Increased Click Through Rate (+16%)

Lengow’s rules and settings automation has also saved DECATHLON Italy time and provided reassurance for safety and security. The success of these projects has led DECATHLON Italy to explore Lengow’s Price Intelligence offer powered by Netrivals to make better-informed decisions and boost their sales. The company is also planning to launch on Facebook LIA as the first Italian merchant and is considering the possibility of launching on Criteo LIA in the future.

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