Success Story | Ollygan thrives on La Redoute with tailor-made support from Lengow


The brand Ollygan has sold quality clothing and accessories since 1981. Their target market is assertive men who treat themselves to beautiful items of clothing at reasonable prices.

For 5 years the brand has been working on its digital transformation, launching an omnichannel strategy enhancing its e-commerce website which will rely on its store network.

Discover how Ollygan was able to launch quickly on the marketplace La Redoute, accelerating growth, and increasing profitability with tailor-made support from Lengow’s Professional Services.

The brand wanted to work with Lengow to accelerate its digital transformation. The initial idea was to be able to quickly centralize feeds and optimize acquisition campaigns to gain visibility, but the brand already had development on marketplaces in mind for the future.

Ollygan distributes 1,650 products on Google Shopping and Google Ads. Ollygan uses Devatics to unify stock and on Socloz for online reservations. Recently, the client wanted to launch on sales channels, particularly on the marketplace La Redoute. 

To start on La Redoute, the brand called upon Lengow’s Professional Services (PS) department to benefit from tailor-made support and its expertise in this marketplace.

As a result, Ollygan is autonomous in the management of its relationship with the marketplace while benefiting from advice and regular meetings with the PS team to ensure things were progressing and that the integration went smoothly.

The Professional Services team, thanks to its experience with the marketplace, helped the client to avoid some mistakes and save a lot of time in the whole process.

Lengow plays a major role in our digital transformation which started 5 years ago. The support from Professional Services allowed us to quickly take over the platform, be autonomous, and has proven to be quickly profitable.

Thomas Gragnic

Digital Manager

In only 20 days, thanks to the PS team’s support, Ollygan was able to start distributing its products on La Redoute!

ROI improved quickly. 20 days after the coaching began, the first orders arrived, reinforcing the company’s management of choices and encouraged them to develop further on marketplaces in 2021, with Lengow’s accompaniment.

Discover Ollygan’s success story and how the brand uses Lengow’s platform!

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