Triller: Get to Know Everything About TikTok’s Competitor


TikTok has been all the rage with younger generations, but 2020’s favorite video sharing app may have some concerns. The Franco-American application Triller is gaining traction fast. How does Triller work? What are its assets? Is TikTok already out? An up-and-coming application in the spotlight.

What is Triller?

Triller is a Franco-American application that was launched in 2015. Its slogan says it all: Create, Share, Connect. You begin by creating. You can make short videos with Triller but also edit through several videos, by following the rhythm of the chosen song as the background. Triller users can then share their creations with the community or their subscribers. The application works like a full-fledged social network as it lets you view feeds, comment, like and be connected.

How do you use Triller?

Just like TikTok, Triller is easy to use:

  1. Select some music: Select music from the Triller library or import a track from your smartphone.
  2. Record a video: It’s easy and intuitive. Upload videos directly from your smartphone or record live.
  3. Create a video: The application edits the video automatically. Then you add your personal touch by reversing the order of shots, making cuts, or adding other sequences.
  4. Personalize your video: You can add filters with Triller, but also text, emojis, or drawings.
  5. Share your video: All that’s left to do is share your creation on Triller. You can also share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp, or save the video on your smartphone.

Triller also allows you to create videos with other users of the app.

What makes Triller stand out?

While both TikTok and Triller are in the business of creating short videos, Triller stands out by specializing in music videos. Its major strength being that it offers a wider range of music, while TikTok only offers remixes or covers. Due to licensing contracts with major labels such as Warner, Universal or Sony, Triller can freely harness many titles. Users can legally choose popular music for their videos. Artists like Snoop Dogg are behind the up-and-coming app.

Triller can also take advantage of its Franco-American status to manage and adapt both to American requirements and expectations, but also European specificities, both in terms of tradition and legislation.

Last but not least, while TikTok is the go-to app for teenagers, Triller targets young adults. By not targeting the same playing field, it can appeal to a music-loving audience who are on the lookout for more authentic creations. Triller’s European Director Claude Crevelle insists the app isn’t trying to compete with TikTok, but forging ahead, side by side

logo triller

What is TikTok’s future?

With more than 27 million daily active users, Triller still has a long way to go before it can surpass TikTok’s subscriber base of more than 50 million. Triller’s marketing strategy seems to be paying off, leading to several partnerships with famous influencers, such as Léa Elui. While these influencers haven’t left TikTok, they are active users of Triller.

The Chinese application is also singled out by many governments. TikTok is no longer authorized in India and risks being banned in the United States too. President Donald Trump perceives the Asian application as a threat to the country and has even created an account on Triller.

While TikTok app is still thriving and Triller continues to grow its audience, it is possible that they both could come across competition by a newcomer in the ruthless video-sharing app market…

Photo: bruce mars on Unsplash

Yves Attias

CEO & Founder de l'agence YATEO

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