Overview of the Fragmentation of the Top Marketplaces in Europe


Did you know that the European e-commerce market is the 3rd biggest in the world with more than 300 million online shoppersAs online shopping continues to grow in terms of popularity, so does the number of top marketplaces in Europe. From fashion to food: It seems that there are marketplaces for almost every product that exists.

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for new sellers to enter the competition, and for buyers to scroll over these marketplaces. 

In this article, we will take a look at the highly fragmented marketplace landscape in Europe and explore some of the most popular online platforms in Spain, the UK, France, Germany as well as Italy and how they differ from each other. 

Outlook for Most European Marketplaces

The European e-commerce market’s CAGR is expected to reach 13.84 % from 2022 to 2027, and online sales in the UK market increased by 43% yearly since the lockdown began in the UK.

fragmentation of marketplaces in Europe

UK: A Diverse Collection of Marketplaces for a Diverse Range of Needs

By 2024, online shoppers in the UK are expected to spend 50% more than they do now on online shopping, and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay dominate the marketplace area and are likely to account for over 90% of spending in 2019.

The UK is considered to have the first and well known top marketplaces in Europe and had Europe’s biggest B2C e-commerce market in 2021. Besides, UK consumers spent over 196 billion euros on online purchases. Amazon, Asos, eBay, and Fruugo are the main marketplaces in the United Kingdom, and the most famous of these marketplaces is Amazon UK, which dominates the e-commerce market.

Germany: A Mix of Present Game Leaders and New Entrants

Germany is the 2nd biggest and most well-established online marketplace market in Europe.

Amazon and eBay are considered the main marketplaces available in the country, however, there are also some rising marketplace stars like Zalando and OTTO.

It is important to mention that these online marketplaces were able to increase their revenue by reaching 92 Billion Euros of e-commerce sales, making them the largest distribution channels in Germany.

In addition to that Kaufland.de is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces in Germany with around 32 million monthly online visitors, 1,300 stores in 8 countries, and recording an annual turnover of more than €27 billion in 2022.

France: Delivery Cost and Time as Key Determinants in the Country

Here are some interesting news: France is one of the most dynamic e-commerce marketplace markets in the world (6th) and the 3rd largest e-commerce marketplace in Europe with an annual growth of 13.4%.

In 2022, the French e-commerce market reached around €147 billion, in online sales of products and services. This represents a growth rate of 13.8% compared to 2021. 

The e-commerce market in France has been expanding rapidly, providing high potential for online retailers in various industries. Plus, France is a key consumer and e-commerce market in Europe in terms of internet penetration (85%). 

ManoMano, Cdiscount, Fnac/Darty, La Redoute, Veepee, and Amazon are the main marketplaces in France. Out of all these platforms, Amazon is ranked first in France with an average of 30,781,000 unique visitors per month.

Spain: From Fashion to Food, there’s a Marketplace for Every Need

In Spain, online marketplaces have increased in terms of popularity, especially in recent years. 

Spain is the biggest e-commerce market in Southern Europe with a total of more than 27 million shoppers and since the lockdown, the average of users has been nothing but high. Amongst the favourite marketplaces in Spain are El Corte Inglés, Veepee, Amazon, and Ali Express.

In 2022, Amazon came out on top as the online marketplace in Europe with the highest user penetration in Spain, with almost nine out of ten online shoppers using the platform. AliExpress and El Corte Inglés ranked second and third, with 59% percent and 45% respectively.

Italy: Leader in Mobile Penetration

Italy has one of the highest rates of mobile penetration in Europe and it is the 2nd largest e-commerce market in Southern Europe. Similar to some of the southern countries in Europe, in Italy Amazon and eBay are considered the main marketplaces.

In April 2022, Amazon was the leader among online marketplaces, with an average of 45 million visitors per month, eBay followed with 16.1 million unique monthly visitors, while the marketplace platform ePrice exceeded 17 million unique visitors.

How to Maximise Revenue on Marketplaces

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The Top Marketplaces in Europe

Marketplaces have become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, and an endless variety of choices, from fashion, and design, to the latest tech gadgets. 

Keep reading the article if you want to explore some of the top marketplaces in Europe, and discover the diverse range of products and experiences they have to offer.

Amazon: Number 1 E-commerce Website in Europe in 2022

Amazon is one of the top marketplaces in Europe and around the globe with a wide selection of products. It operates in many countries and is known for its fast delivery and excellent customer service thanks to its FBA and FBM systems.

One of the main advantages of Amazon is its Buy Box, which is awarded to the best retailers based on certain criteria. 

Ebay: 2nd Largest E-commerce Website in Europe 2022

EBay is an online shopping platform, known for its wide variety of products and competitive prices. In addition to its display service for advertising and sellers, eBay offers guidance to assist sellers in improving their organic referencing on this marketplace. At no extra expense, the marketplace also allows shops to emphasize prospective offers (discount reductions, free delivery, special events).

Zalando: 3rd E-commerce Website in Europe in 2022

Zalando is a leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform based in Germany, and also operates in several European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and others. 

Remember that Zalando’s product selection includes clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products from over 3,000 brands, including famous brands like Adidas, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Cdiscount: 4th Largest E-commerce Website in Europe in 2022

Cdiscount is a French online retailer that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, home goods, and clothing.

The company also owns its private label products and has exclusive partnerships with some brands like Samsung.

Allegro: 5th Largest E-commerce Website in the World in 2022

Allegro is the biggest Polish online marketplace and one of Europe’s largest marketplaces after Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Additionally, it provides opportunities for growth in the Eastern Europe region that counts more than over 125,000 merchants. Allegro offers its payment system called Allegro Pay, which allows customers to pay for items with credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Boost your Sales by Entering New Marketplaces in Europe

Expanding into new markets can be a great way to increase your sales and grow your business. By understanding the demand, competition, and consumer preferences in that specific market, you can develop a marketing strategy that will promote your product or service, and decide which marketplace you will use to reach your target audience. Here are some advantages you can earn:

  • Strong and Diversified Audience
  • Key Communication Methods
  • Master Acquisition Costs
  • Good Reputation 
  • Adapted Payments Method

Challenges to Anticipate Entering Marketplaces in Europe

If you are looking to enter the top marketplaces in Europe, you need to overcome several challenges to succeed and maintain a high level of competition such as:

  • Organisation: A marketplace’s organizational structure should be built to serve its aims and objectives.
  • Logistics: You need to make sure that you adapt your logistics strategy (transport costs, delivery time, returns, etc.) to the country’s requirements.
  • Content: Your content needs to be consumer-oriented. This implies you must tailor product material to what customers look for and want to know before making a purchase choice.
  • Customer Service: Make sure that at least one member of your staff is fluent in the native language of each country where you sell. Consumers prefer to contact customer service in their own language.

Conclusion: Overview of the Fragmentation of Top Marketplaces in Europe

Europe’s fragmented marketplace environment reflects each country’s different cultural and economic backgrounds. From international players like Amazon and eBay to smaller ones like Etsy or Allegro.

While Amazon’s power and influence are difficult to ignore, the entrance of newer marketplaces such as Zalando and Cdiscount is proof that there are still opportunities for growth and innovation in the European market. This has resulted in a competitive environment that benefits customers by offering more alternatives and cheaper pricing.

To summarise, the European market landscape is diversified, dynamic, and rich in prospects for both existing businesses and new entrants. The industry is expected to develop and adapt further, offering new possibilities and difficulties for both firms and consumers. It will be interesting to observe how the market adjusts to new trends and changes as time goes on, and how innovative companies continue to enter the industry.

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