How to prepare for Boxing Day and the January Sales


With only a few days to go until Christmas, the time has come to start preparing for Boxing Day and the January sales. So take a look at the top three things to focus on during the period.


Personalise your offers

During the sales period, it is important to send the most relevant offers to consumers, increasing the chance of them making a purchase. From the message to the offer itself, personalisation allows you to build a special relationship with your clientele, who naturally turn to brands and retailers they know during the buying process. In fact, a study by Qubit revealed that three quarters of online consumers carry out the majority of their purchases on no more than five online stores.

By personalising your advertising or email campaigns in real time, you increase your clients’ engagement by sending them the best possible offer and the best possible time.

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Think mobile

While online retail continues to grow, especially during sales periods, consumers are still going to physical stores to make purchases. Therefore, to  offer an omni-channel route to your customers, you will need to increase your presence on mobile.

Whether it’s researching information on a product, checking its availability in-store or making a purchase, mobile has become an inescapable channel during the buying process. Moreover, as proof, this boxing day it is expected that 40% of sales will take place on mobile.

Keep a tight hold on your stock management

During sale time, you have to be in constant control of your stock levels and remember to restock so that you don’t find yourself with unavailable items, dissuading your customers from making purchases. To avoid this, make sure you redirect customers to similar items when anything is out of stock.

If you distribute your products on marketing channels and may run out of stock during the sales, know that Lengow allows retailers to remove items with limited stock from their catalogue. To help with this, retailers can put automatic rules in place that will allow them to stop the distribution of any item when stock is less than 5 articles, for example. This feature is particularly useful on marketplaces where sellers are penalised when stock is unavailable too often. Click here to find out more about automatic rules.

If you already use the Lengow platform, start preparing your product catalogue as soon as possible for the January sales. This way, you will have the time to correctly configure your offers for whichever marketing channels you want to distribute your products on. Head over to the ‘sales’ section of our Help Center to find out more.

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