ricardo.ch – The Number One Marketplace in Switzerland


Online trading in Switzerland is growing rapidly, thereby gaining more and more relevance in cross-border e-commerce. The online marketplace ricardo.ch was founded in 1999, and today it’s the leading e-commerce platform in Switzerland. It is easy for Lengow UK customers to sell their products on ricardo.ch, with an exclusive welcome offer now available*.


GET StartED on richardo.ch with Lengow

The ricardo.ch welcome offer gives Lengow UK customers:

-6 months free listing, no fees

-Active support from the Sales & Account Management team to help you get started on ricardo.ch

*To take advantage of this welcome offer, register by 28th February 2017 on www.ricardo.ch/lengow. This offer only applies to newly registered members.

If you want to know more about ricardo.ch and this special offer, feel free to contact Heiko Röhrig, heiko.roehrig@ricardo.ch

ricardo.ch In a Few Words

  • More than 2 million registered members
  • More than 20,000 products sold per day
  • Over 370.000 visitors per day
  • Over 15 million page views per day
  • Brand awareness estimated at 93% in Switzerland: 9 out of 10 Swiss people know the brand ricardo.ch


At a Glance: The Benefits for Online Retailers

  • On ricardo.ch you can sell almost anything (there are 26 main product categories)
  • Sell your new and used products on a marketplace the Swiss trust
  • An extensive reach from the largest Swiss online marketplace that places particular emphasis on secure sales and has comprehensive fraud protection
  • Offer your customers free credit card payments
  • A premium customer service is also available


We asked Heiko Röhrig, Head of Cross-Border Sales at ricardo.ch, why online marketplaces are the perfect way to enter the Swiss market:

Online marketplaces are the number 1 shopping destination, and we can offer you one of the best in Switzerland. When it comes to expansion and internationalisation, one of the easiest ways to explore a new market is to enter into a partnership with an already established marketplace. With ricardo.ch, you can increase your sales and your brand presence in Switzerland without enormous expense.


What makes the Swiss market convenient for a UK seller?

  • There is a particularly high purchasing power (the average Swiss person has more than 20k Euros left to spend each year)
  • Geographical proximity to the UK
  • There is a lack of foreign retail in Switzerland, so many Swiss people tend to shop abroad

If you would like more information about e-commerce in Switzerland, download the free Lengow Guide: E-commerce in Switzerland.

If you are already a Lengow customer, and want to learn more about ricardo.ch, simply make an appointment with our Help Center.

Not a Lengow customer? Contact our UK team on +44 203 318 2632 or arrange a free demo! Of course, you can also email us at: contact@lengow.com

Tegan Marlow