The global rise of mobile commerce continues


As more people buy mobile devices, more mobile shopping will be done.

That’s what is clear when you take a look at the statistics around the world.

In the USA, over a quarter of shopping decisions in stores in 2014 were influenced by searches on mobile devices during or before their store visits, according to a recent Google blog post about Micro-Moments featured below. 

In China (a country whose growing ecommerce market has been analyzed several times on the Lengow Blog), mobile is becoming increasingly popular as well: half of the country’s shopping will be done on mobile devices in 2015.

In London and other cities, shoppers are visiting UK online retail sites from their mobile devices and buying this way over 50% more than they used to around this time last year.

This trend has continued in BRIC countries such as Brazil and India, as explained on the Lengow Blog last year at the end of last year.

Mobile Movement

Lengow’s Kamal Chhetri , an expert on online retail in both the United Kingdom and his native India, recently sat down to explain to Lengow Blog readers why mobile is going to change retail in India even more in the near future.

“Ecommerce is booming in India; nowadays most big e-commerce companies are going mobile.
Around 41% of Indian ecommerce sales are from mobile. As many who follow updates from industry leaders noticed recently, one of my country’s big online retail success stories, Flipkart, will soon sell products exclusively through a mobile app.
What is amazing is this change isn’t happening only in larger cities like Delhi or Mumbai. Even in places like my hometown Alipurduar, I have seen many people using their phones to shop online,” said Chhetri.
Chhetri also added that recent VC investment in Indian ecommerce companies that are focused on mobile shoppers will also spur this growth for years to come.
He will also be analyzing industry trends and advising online retailers in London on October 14 at the Internet Retailing Conference.

Phone Purchases

One trend to keep in mind is the fact that products are being found through mobile apps. While e-tail sites previously used to have a monopoly on mobile shopping, mobile apps are now playing a bigger role.
Thousands are currently using the mobile app for Dealabs, a site that is a hit in France because it allows for finding deals on products that are hard to come by elsewhere. And in places like the UK and elsewhere, beacon technology is helping shoppers find deals on the go.

Recommended Reading

As in any industry, things will continue to change as new technologies and practices are being invented constantly. What is in style now may not be a year from now.

To keep up with the latest mobile news, Lengow Blog readers should take a look at the newest State of Mobile Commerce Report for the second quarter of 2015, released just weeks ago. It was compiled by digital expert Brian Solis and Lengow partner Criteo and explains in detail why mobile won’t be going away anytime soon.

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