Top summer travel destinations: Ecommerce Edition


It’s that time of the year again.

As you read these words, so many bags are being packed around the world as people prepare to travel to places they’ve always wanted to visit, just like every summer.

But vacations aren’t the only exciting things going on this summer; when it comes to the world of ecommerce, some of the best international events of the year have taken place recently—or will soon.

This story will take you on a (ecommerce) world tour: a look at some of the leading special events across several continents that the Lengow team has attended and will be attending in the coming months.

Given the truly multicultural team (19 nationalities and counting), it’s only right that Lengow members have left their desks in Paris recently to travel the globe.

São Paulo, Brazil

As mentioned on a recent Lengow Blog feature story on Brazilian and Latin American ecommerce trends (available at, Lengow Brazil Business Developer Jordana Peixoto Felisberto recently traveled from Paris back to her native country. Felisberto and Lengow Portugal and Brazil Country Manager Catia De Oliveira were some of the Portuguese-speaking Lengow team members who were exhibiting at the annual eShow São Paulo conference on June 22 and 23.

The São Paulo trip allowed Peixoto achieved what many of her compatriots have during their classic football matches: a hat trick.

Indeed, in Brazil she was able to reach three of her big goals:

1) see her family

2) learn about the latest digital marketing trends in Brazil

3) show online merchants in her country how to boost their sales just like thousands of merchants around the world who use Lengow to manage their product catalogs already are doing.

De Oliveira, who gave a presentation filled with useful ecommerce insights at eShow São Paulo last month, also said she enjoyed the conference and called it one of the best she attended.

It’s safe to say São Paulo is a place to visit for those in the ecommerce industry who are planning their travel itineraries for 2016 and want to learn about the largest ecommerce market in Latin America.

Those who want to learn more about Brazilian ecommerce should follow @Lengow_Brasil on Twitter and get in touch: feel free send a tweet with your question to @Lengow_Brasil or contact De Oliveira via the Lengow Brazil website (

Lisboa, Portugal

Known as Lisbon in English, this city has been a popular destination for both Europeans and people from other regions for a long time. But it is also a place to be if you want to learn about online retail in the lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world and Portugal in particular.

From September 22-23, 2015, Lengow will exhibit at eShow Lisboa and the the aformetioned Oliveira will be enjoying the chance to visit her family’s country at the same time.

Online merchants who couldn’t attend Oliveira’s presentation at eShow in Brazil can make up for the missed opportunity and benefit from her deep knowledge regarding the the Portuguese ecommerce market when she gives a presentation at eShow Lisboa on September 22.

In the meantime, if they can send their questions to @Lengow_PT or visit the Lengow Portugal website and contact De Oliveira.

Marseille, France

Known as Mr. Marketplace to some, because of his deep expertise in regards to ecommerce marketplaces, Lengow France Business Developer Alexis Jolivet recently left the French capital to explore the latest online retail trends down South in sunny Marseille.

Spending a few days exhibiting at the annual Shake Your eCommerce conference in Marseille, Jolivet was able to take in the amazing scenery (see Alexis’ photo of the picture-perfect Marseille landscape below) and give out plenty of advice on marketplaces to the many visitors to Lengow’s booth at Shake Your Ecommerce.

He even took a minute to do an interview, which can be viewed at or just below.

In consideration of those who don’t understand the French in the video above, Jolivet also took time to do another interview in English and share with Lengow Blog readers some insights on why marketplaces are absolutely essential in countries like France.

Why does working with a proven expert in the marketplaces area of ecommerce in France like Jolivet make sense for any ecommerce merchant who wants to reach many more online shoppers in France?

Because you’ll need marketplaces sooner or later if you set up (e)shop in France.

Jolivet offered these tips on how to thrive on marketplaces and also provided an update regarding the growth occurring in France.

“Since the final years of the last decade, marketplaces have played an essential role in the ecommerce community; most of the top 10 online retailers in France have used them to increase their sales.

Something interesting happening now is the emergence of niche sites in France like and Comptoirsanté.com; they specialize on verticals that reach a segmented and qualified audience of online shoppers,” said Jolivet.

“The bottom line is that if you want to succeed in the world of marketplaces, make sure to do a good job in these areas: Price, Product, Service.”

Lengow CEO Mickael Froger also highlighted the important role of marketplaces this summer at special events in Europe (such as during his keynote at Lengow Ecommerce Day on June 2 (as seen in the photo just below).

Lengow Day was another hot summer event which attracted world travelers from China, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany to France’s capital to learn about the future of ecommerce (what the Lengow team recently coined “automated ecommerce”).

Any questions about marketplaces in Europe, including questions in English, can be sent via Twitter to Jolivet (find him at @AlexisJolivet), whose expertise of marketplaces in France and Europe gained after many years of experience makes it clear why he’s known as Mr. Marketplace.

Barcelona, Spain

Marseille and São Paulo weren’t the the only cities with amazing ocean views that Lengow’s team enjoyed this summer.

Barcelona was a must-visit: the Global Ecommerce Summit that took place there from June 8 to 9 featured the release of a brand new study on marketplaces trends that was sponsored by Lengow and other digital leaders like Adobe.

The press section of the website of the Ecommerce Foundation, which published the report, shows that the study is appreciated by international journalists who specialize in online retail as well. Plenty of articles about the report, in various languages, have been published in less than two months.

The Global Marketplaces Report is available for download for free at

Berlin, Germany

Lengow’s German natives Imke Müller-Wallraf (who provided the photos and tweets below at @Lengow_DACH) and Stefan Bernauer were happy to travel back to their country last month. They were even gladder when they left with the Best in eCommerce award after an on-stage presentation by Bernauer (who is Lengow DACH’s Country Manager) and plenty of discussions with online merchants who visited Lengow’s booth at the Best in eCommerce conference in Berlin from June 16 to 17.

New York City, USA

New York City is a favorite city to visit for Americans and people from all over the world, so it was a must for the summer travel itinerary of Lengow COO Nenad Cetkovic. He was only continuing what has become a summer tradition for the Lengow team: taking a bite out of the Big Apple and sharing exclusive ecommerce insights on stage as a speaker at the French Touch Conference.

Video of Cetkovic’s advice on international ecommerce (including how to improve the visual presentation of your products in order to sell in China) shared on the French Touch stage are available on YouTube or in the video included in Cetkovic’s tweet below.

This was the second summer in a row where the Lengow team shared resourceful information about global ecommerce markets on stage at the French Touch Conference: Co-Founder Jérémie Peiro was one of several Lengow speakers at the inaugural French Touch Conference last June.

Araxos, Greece

Most people planning trips to Greece usually visit another city that starts with the letter A.

But Cetkovic and Lengow France Country Manager Adeline Duracell, whose previous international travels were mentioned in this article, recommend visiting Araxos (and scooping up a bottle of organic olive oil).

They were just two ecommerce leaders amongst many (17,000 business meetings happened in two hours during one of the networking sessions at this event) who attended the Big Boss Summer Edition event from June 12 to 14, which Lengow also sponsored.

Here are some highly recommended cities and events to consider in September and October when you fall back from your summer travel schedule.

Paris, France

Paris is often in the Top 5 when it comes to the number of visitors that cities around the world receive every year.

Even a traveler has to appreciate the comfort of home, and the Lengow world travelers are no exception. With that said, it’s safe to say that the Lengow team is looking forward to another Salon Ecommerce in Paris from September 21-23, after making an interesting presentation on Google Shopping that was highly appreciated by online merchants who attended the annual event in September 2014.

London, United Kingdom

London was the most-visited city in the word in 2014; it received approximately 18.7 million visitors according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

In 2015 it is expected to receive 18.82 million visitors according to the latest data from MasterCard’s research released last month.

Even after the summer is over, London will still receive many travelers from the ecommerce world on October 14 during the Internet Retailing Conference.

Lengow will be there just as it was present at the last major event organized in the UK earlier this year by Internet Retailing: the one-of-a-kind Internet Retailing Expo 2015.

 Bonus: Global Ecommerce Infographic

Whether you are mapping out your global plans now or haven’t started yet, this recent infographic featured on the Lengow Blog can help you understand the bigger picture of selling internationally.

The infographic is available at

newest infographie_UK_noHD_RVB (2)

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