Thank You For a Great 2016… and Bring On 2017!


2016 was a pivotal year for Lengow: full of projects coming to their completion, teams that are still working hard to constantly develop Lengow for the better, and partners and customers who continue to trust us.

2016 did bring us its share of surprises, but they only made us stronger, and gave us an even bigger appetite for conquering the globe in 2017.

Our fundraising in 2015 gave us incredible momentum this year, allowing us to have a vision for Lengow, for our customers and our partners. This marked a real turning point in the company’s development, which accelerated its growth in 2016. Internationalisation and R&D strategies were planned out, and our team worked throughout the year to put them into action.

A year focused on international development

This year, we expanded our ecommerce horizons with more than 1,800 partnerships around the world. We have an international vision for our customers and wish to support them in their development beyond borders. With this in mind, this year’s Lengow Ecommerce Day was entirely dedicated to cross border e-commerce. The panel of speakers was exceptional! The 5 main European e-commerce associations were represented, with speakers from companies such as, Yandex, Mango, and Adidas, sharing their cross-border expertise. Guests from 15 countries also gave over 40 presentations and talks dedicated to the internationalisation of their business.


Our new office opening

In 2016 we also put a closer sales force in place, as we find the culture and customs of the countries we work with very important. This is why we recruited experienced native speakers and chose to establish ourselves in the heart of one of the main countries that we work with. One of our biggest highlights of 2016 was the opening of our offices in Munich, where we were able to put ourselves closer to our German customers, with a team of 5 people dedicated to the German market. We trusted Jim Knopf to lead this new office and some beautiful projects are already underway!

The Lengow platform is constantly evolving

Our technology generated over 1 billion euros in revenue for our clients this year. Lengow will have also indexed 265 billion products for more than 3,600 customers worldwide. More than 51% of our customers have sold internationally through the Lengow platform (27% through affiliation, 17% via retargeting, 63% through shopbots and 61% through marketplaces).

In 2016, the technological adventure continued with the development and continuous improvement of our platform. This year, our technical and R&D teams have worked hard to offer an innovative platform that is much more in line with the current needs of retailers. We are proud to offer our clients a much more powerful platform, which will also include new features.

In 2017, Lengow will also launch its partner application platform. Our customers will be able to find, directly in our platform, partner services in the form of applications. 33 applications will be available in January and new ones will follow soon!

The Lengow team

This year was also marked by our head office moving to the Ile de Nantes (the Parisian team moved to new offices in 2015). The Lengow teams, which now make up 120 employees, operate in a working environment with diversity, teamwork, and performance at it’s heart. 20 nationalities are represented at Lengow – know-how, experiences, and life paths that bring real value to the team. This value is put to use daily in our customer service, through the continuous development of our platform, and through the creation of resources such as white papers, guides, country guides, and success stories, to give them advice and share best practices in the sector. The blog is also an opportunity to share our vision of the market, guest articles, and technical information on e-commerce: more and more of you are following us on this blog, and we want to thank you for your loyalty!

The industry is in our DNA

Dictanova, Kaemo and Youboost Market, 3 fast-growing start-ups, joined our incubator in February 2016, an opportunity for our respective teams, which open up to the outside world, to share best practices and their entrepreneurial adventure. After the fire that hit La Cantine Numérique in Nantes in November, Lengow welcomed the start-up Teester, and we should be getting several new young seeds in our offices in 2017. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Groupon, who were kind enough to welcome the Parisian team into their offices for several weeks following a fire in our building in Paris … The importance of growing your business in a benevolent industry!


Finally, we’d like to thank all the people who come and go with us every day. Thank you to all our customers and partners throughout the world, thanks to our service providers who accompany us in our development, thanks to all the people of the industry who have been following our journey for 7 years. And finally thanks to the team, without whom nothing would be possible…

The whole Lengow team joins me in wishing you an excellent 2017, we’ll see you next year for even more beautiful adventures!
Mickaël Froger, CEO Lengow


Mickael Froger

CEO @ lengow

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