Native Advertising and Dynamic Product Ads: Verizon Media joins the Lengow Platform


A few weeks ago we introduced you to Verizon media’s platform. Today we are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Verizon, a leading player in native advertising. Through this collaboration, Lengow offers brands and retailers a new sales channel via Dynamic Product Ads on the group’s websites.

Dynamic Product Ads provide a personalized and integrated shopping experience for consumers. Through this new native e-commerce format, Verizon Media enables brands to target consumers and deliver relevant product offers to shoppers throughout their shopping journey. Depending on consumers’ interests and purchase intent, Verizon Media enables merchants to display the most relevant products to them via two types of targeting: retargeting and the use of proprietary data (search history, user email data, interactions with different product categories, etc.).


“Tests have shown that, while traditional native advertising increases purchase intent by 16%, the integration of Lengow’s product data allows us to observe up to 9 times higher conversion rates.” Erik-Marie Bion, VP France and Germany at Verizon Media.

Updated based on the merchant’s stock, these dynamic ads are set up and sent from the Lengow platform to Verizon Media’s proprietary sites (including Yahoo, TechCrunch, and AOL via desktop, mobile and app) as well as partners sites (Microsoft News, Samsung Upday, etc.).

“Our partnership with Verizon Media offers new business opportunities for e-merchants using Lengow’s platform. Verizon Media is a powerful new sales channel that complements those already available through our platform and increased customization of offerings through a premium media environment. Not to mention, of course, access to a world-class inventory to develop their international sales.” Mickael Froger, CEO of Lengow.

To learn more about distributing your products on Verizon Media, get in touch with our team:


Naomi Botting

Field Marketing Specialist

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