Essential Amazon Seller Tools for 2023 and Beyond


Amazon marketplace presents a wealth of opportunities for sellers to grow their businesses. However, success on this platform isn’t just about having great products; it’s also about smart navigation through Amazon’s complex environment. This means employing a suite of effective Amazon seller tools.

In this article, we will highlight the top tools for Amazon sellers in 2023. These tools are crafted to simplify operations, enhance overall performance, and increase sales. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at how specific tools, like Lengow and Netrivals, play a pivotal role in empowering sellers within this dynamic marketplace.

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For Inventory Management

Amazon seller tools for Inventory Management


Managing inventory effectively is key to a successful Amazon business.

Seller Labs, for example, helps ensure you don’t run out of stock. It provides recommendations for restocking based on how quickly your products are selling and how long it takes to get new stock. This is helpful for maintaining a steady supply of products for your customers.

Helium 10, another software, offers more advanced features, like alerts when it’s time to replenish your inventory and reports on the health of your inventory. These features help you keep a good balance of stock, avoiding both excess and shortages, and can improve how you manage your inventory over time.

For Pricing Strategy

Amazon Seller tools for Pricing Strategy


Amazon sellers need a strong pricing strategy for staying ahead. A study has found that 60% of Amazon sellers with high profits, specifically those earning between $3 and $10 million, regularly utilize a dependable repricing tool!

RepricerExpress is ideal for basic pricing needs. It automatically adjusts your prices in response to market changes and competitors’ strategies, aligning with your sales goals. Its user-friendly interface and simple automation make it a great choice for those who need straightforward, effective pricing adjustments without the complexity of advanced features.

For more sophisticated pricing strategies, Netrivals is the go-to tool. It offers real-time tracking of competitors’ prices and stock levels, delivering deeper insights that inform more nuanced pricing decisions. Its advanced capabilities are particularly beneficial for sellers who need to navigate complex market dynamics and who require detailed analysis and reporting features to fine-tune their pricing strategies to the market’s pulse.

For Keyword Research and SEO

Amazon seller tools for Keyword Research and SEO


Mastering keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for Amazon sellers to increase the visibility and appeal of their product listings.

Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout is a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers focusing on keyword optimization. It provides extensive data on keywords, including information on search volumes and competition. This helps sellers identify high-traffic keywords relevant to their products, enhancing visibility in search results and driving more traffic to their listings.

An effective alternative for keyword research is AMZScout’s Keyword Tool. It offers detailed insights into keywords crucial for product SEO, including search volume and competition levels. By using this tool, sellers can strategically select keywords to improve their product rankings on Amazon, leading to better discoverability, increased customer engagement, and higher sales.

For Feed Management on Amazon

Amazon Seller tools for Feed Management on Amazon


Effective feed management is essential for Amazon sellers, especially for those with extensive inventories or those operating across various channels.

Lengow, for example, is a well-known tool designed to assist with feed management. It’s capabilities include managing and optimizing product feeds not just for Amazon, but across a range of online channels such as other marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms, and social media.

What sets Lengow apart is its ability to integrate with various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. This integration is beneficial for sellers looking to maintain consistent product listings and pricing across different sales channels. Consistency is key to preserving brand integrity and customer trust.

Lengow also provides features for automating feed updates and customizing export templates. These features are designed to save time and reduce the manual effort involved in managing product listings. By using Lengow, Amazon sellers can streamline their feed management processes, which can lead to more efficient operations and potentially increase sales opportunities.

For Product Research

Amazon seller tools for Product Research


Product research is also vital for Amazon sellers to stay informed about market trends and identify profitable opportunities.

Jungle Scout excels in analyzing market trends and customer demand, helping sellers pinpoint products with high demand and low competition. Its features, such as sales estimators and opportunity scores, are instrumental in guiding sellers towards products with high potential for success.

AMZScout, on the other hand, offers detailed insights into lucrative niches and products. By analyzing sales trends and market saturation, it aids sellers in finding untapped markets and products likely to yield high returns. AMZScout’s analytics and reporting tools further assist in evaluating the prospective success of these products.

For Feedback and Reviews Management

Amazon seller tools for Feedback and Reviews Management


Maintaining a strong reputation on Amazon through effective feedback and review management is key to enhancing sales and building customer trust.

FeedbackWhiz is tailored for Amazon sellers to efficiently manage customer feedback. It allows for monitoring, organizing, and promptly responding to reviews and feedback. Quick and thoughtful responses improve brand reputation, demonstrating commitment to customer satisfaction. FeedbackWhiz also offers analytics to help identify areas for product or service improvement.

Gominga provides an automated solution for soliciting feedback and monitoring reviews. It streamlines the process of requesting feedback, potentially increasing review volume. These reviews can boost product rankings and enhance brand credibility. Additionally, gominga’s review tracking enables sellers to quickly address negative feedback, crucial for maintaining a positive Amazon seller profile.

For Advertising and PPC Optimization

Amazon seller tools for Advertising and PPC Optimization


Effective advertising and PPC campaign management are important to boosting visibility and sales on Amazon.

Perpetua offers a suite of tools specifically for Amazon PPC campaigns. It provides detailed analytics and performance insights, helping sellers optimize their advertising. Features include keyword tracking, bid management, and profitability analysis. Sellics also automates bid adjustments, enhancing the efficiency and returns of advertising campaigns.

Pacvue is another robust platform focused on optimizing advertising spend on Amazon. It offers advanced keyword research, bid optimization, and comprehensive reports on ad expenditure and sales. Pacvue aids sellers in making informed decisions to improve campaign performance and includes automation features to streamline campaign management, maximizing advertising ROI.

Adrian Gmelch

Adrian Gmelch is a tech and e-commerce enthusiast. He initially worked for an international PR agency in Paris for large tech companies before joining Lengow's international field marketing & content team.

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